Friday, November 27, 2009


Well hello. It's been a while. Don't worry, regarding to my last entry, nothing happened that day. It was just some BS. So yea, I'm still alive and sound. haha.

Finally I'm updating my blog just when I told Liyana last nightt(she slept over at my hostel room) that I had been very lazy to blog lately. Okay anyway, the reason I'm updating is exactly as what the title says. I have new videos uploaded! hehe. It was from last night's show(yes it was just last night, i'm obviously excited haha); Danny's Cyberpreneuship group had organized a mini acoustic concert at MMU and they had invited me to perform that night. Well, sure enough I have videos of me performing huahua~ I performed three songs which were My Heart(Paramore), Sayang Kinabalu(Kimin Mudin) and Use Somebody(Kings of Leon) accordingly. Hafeez was kind enough to help me out with the guitar and he played the first two songs and the last song, Use Somebody which was requested by our friend, Danny was played by Adi, a very skillful guitarist. I felt humble. haha. So anyway, here are the videos! enzoy~

I'm still waiting for my chance to perform with THE OLD TACTICS!! Please, I'm dying. haha. Bila la kita dapat berminta puji depan REAL crowd niiiii hahha.. "real" crowd aa.. if you know what I mean.. hmm Natalie? hahah!

oh! and HAPPY EIDUL ADHA to all my friends and family~~!
oh and another thing, Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Thiveya!