Friday, January 19, 2007

Sabah Agriculture Park

Dear Blog,

I followed my dad to Keningau again for the second time for the following week.
That was on Monday, stayed there until Thursday.
Anyway, dad brought me to Tenom for a quick trip since I had whined few days before that I've never been to Tenom. It was an approximately two-hour ride.
When we reached Tenom, dad headed straight to the Sabah Agriculture Park farther in.
I had earlier thought that the place will be filled with tourists or locals even, but when we finally reached there, the place was kind of dull and lifeless. Not too much of a tourist-attracting place.

Initially, there were only me and my dad. But later on, a group of tourists, which I guessed from Bangladesh or Pakistan or some place where the people have strong features on their faces; big eyes, with dark and thick eye lashes and eyebrows, prominent nose, hairy bodies, and etc. Anyway, Our timing was just right, a train-like cart was to arrived at 12.30pm to tour us around the park and we got there around 12.05pm. Nice right? I know. hahaha.

It was 12.30pm, and right before we took off, a mid-aged lady(which I later found out was from The Phils), which was accompanied by a little-more-than-mid-aged-local chinese guy joined us.

Our tour was guided by Alexius. And he was a GREAT tour guide. He knows everything about the park, which made our tour in the park the more interesting. Only me, the friendly Filipino lady and the chinese guy were loyally following him, listening, learning to everything Alexius says about the plants there. As for my dad, he was too lazy to go tour with me as he had already been there with my mom before this. The Banghla or Pakistani or I dunno on the other hand, went their own ways, taking pitures with the plants, sitting around doing nothing. No point at all going there if they just wanna take pictures without really trying to learn and know more about all those plants around them.

Anyway, I only managed to snap four pictures when my camera ran out of batteries. I was devastated. And a shortwhile after that, the Filipino lady's(sorry, for keep on repeating "Filipino lady". I forgot to get her name) camera ran out of batteries as well. It was disheartening. REALLY. But we didn't let that bother our tour.
After being amazed at all kinds of weird and beautiful plants with weird names, with thorough explanations by our oh so entertaining and informative guide, we ended our "walk in the park" with a walk in the fruit park or garden. We were allowed to eat the fruits there and that was awesome! I even got to eat some fruits that I've never seen, tasted and heard before.

Finally, after the fruit garden, we headed back home. Said goodbye to the Filipino lady, thanked Alexius and then we were on our way back home. I would love to go there again someday as this trip was not that satisfying, for I were not able to bring many pictures home. Next time, I'm gonna make sure my cam's batteries are fully recharged.

p/s: I feel a bit lame writing this entry, as I've written the same topic in my friendster blog. But I just feel like I have to blog it down here as well. I would feel "incomplete" if I didn't. hahah. What am I crapping about man? LOL.


Below are another 3 remaining pictures that I managed to take; 2 orchids and one weird plant:


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Carmelite Convent

Dear blog,

as you know, I got home from melaka on last Tuesday. On Thursday I decided to follow my dad to Keningau(my dad was transferred to Keningau for work). We would be going back KK on Saturday. In Keningau, I basically lazed around. I caught up with so many movies. In fact, I did a 2-day-movie-marathon. After the movie marathon, I continued on reading a Sidney Sheldon novel, which I was close to finishing.

Thursday flown by..
gone Friday..
and came Saturday.

We left the house in Keningau at about 10 A.M something. Went to have breakfast and headed home. But before heading home, I requested my father to go see the carmel in Tambunan. The carmel was quite deep into the hills and we had to go through a bumpy ride to reach it because of the untarred road. When we finally got there, we went straight to the Grotto.

There was not a soul there. Only the beautiful statue of Mother Mary with her palms pressed against each other to form the usual praying gesture, a big string of rosary beads hung on her right hand. There was a small amphitheatre overlooking the grotto and a small bridge connecting the amphitheatre to the grotto. And not forgetting a small stream of river just below the grotto. The place is so serene that I was overwhelmed with a sense of calmness throughout my being there.

I took some pictures there and took a time alone to pray infront of the grotto while my father went to take some more pictures. I looked up at the Blessed Mother's caring face and felt warm inside. I said some prayers and few drops of tears rolled down my cheek. I wasn't very sure why that happened, but my heart felt tingly and an overwhelming mixed of sensations. But, there was a thing or two that I was thingking and praying about that have contributed to those tears.

Before leaving, I sat for awhile at the amphitheatre looking at the grotto. Then, headed back to the car. I hoped She heard my prayer, I thought. Would like to go there again someday.

We finally reached home around 3 or 4 in the evening safe and sound.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Welcome Home

Dear Blog,

sorry for the delay. I couldn't get through my blog last night. I planned to blog out my arrival first thing when I reached home, but then to no avail. Thus, all the coming-home-excitements are gone.

Anyway, our plane safely landed on Terminal 2's airport at about 8.40PM, almost 9PM.
There was quite a bit of delay when getting our luggage back. Lat's family was already outside waiting for her, and Mel, her sister, while waiting for our luggage. My parents were the ones who was to fetch me up, but they were just on their way. Therefore, I was left to wait for my parents all alone, for Lat and Mel were long gone. But it didn't actually took a long time for my parents to fetch me. So, I was not upset. hehe.

Reached home, kissed all my dogs, took a shower, had dinner, continued on reading the Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes, and onlined until 3.30AM. At first I was excited to be home, but then that excitement soon faded away due to exhaustion and the thought that I don't have all my friends to get crazy with. But still, there was Jerry.

That's the end of my welcome-home.

As for today, I met up with Jerry and Awang at Kedai Jawa, our favourite hangout spot during highschool, for brunch. After so long I finally met up with Jerry. She was sooooo cute!! her face was puffier but her figure maintained slim. Felt like pinching her two round cheeks. haha. As for Awang, he didn't change from the last time we met, which was during Raya last year. After Kedai Jawa, we went to our former highschool to check on our SPM certificate. But found out that it will only be out around this end of year. Devastated, we dragged ourselves out. But before we could do that, our former teacher saw us and I accidentally saw her as well, and gestured to Jerry and Awang of the teacher's presence. Out of politeness, we went and greeted her(we coulda just pretended we didn't see her coz our backs were facing her, but then stupid me saw her). Then, as usual, the typical conversation between a former highschool student and its former teacher began and consequently, the FAQ of "where are u schooling now?", "what course you taking", "why didn't you go (somewhere somewhere)?", and so on by the former highschool teacher. Nevertheless, the conversation went by fleetingly. Thank goodness.

After that, we left the school and went to the stationary shop as jerry wanted to buy an envelope for Lynna's handphone. Yes, wanted to post Lynna's hp to Labuan because Lynna asked her to. Personally, for me, that sounded a bit irrational. Who would want his/her hp to be posted out in an envelope? and not to mention a VERY expensive hp. At least, send it in a box or something. LMC is going to have a one-week break soon and she could just wait until that day come to get the hp from Jerry. But who am I to judge. hehe. It's not mine anyways. Yup, sounded so selfish. Hate that sometimes.

Anyhoo, while Jerry and Awang were at the stationary shop, I went to say a quick hi to Sally, my classmate back in highschool, at her shop, which was just next to the stationary shop and in front of our old highschool. She didn't change much in terms of attiitude. Still the shy ol' Sally. haha. She was still sweet as before. Didn't talk much as she had things to do. After Jerry got her envelope, Awang left us for home a few minutes later. He wanted to catch up with the bus before the school kids got out and crowd the bus station. And plus, he had a stomachache. Then, it was left with me and Jerry.

A guy was to bring Jerry out around this time now. She didn't wanna go alone with him and asked me or more like begged me to go with her. But I said no. Then, the guy finally arrived to fetch her up and I was about to go home until Jerry asked him whether or not he could send me home as she pitied me for the trouble of getting on a bus to go home. I think that was just her excuse of wanting me to get in the car with them. haha. He said yes but I declined the offer. But Jerry insisted and I gave in. To tell you the truth, I was embarrassed but just kept cool. It was the least I could do for her after feeling guilty of not accompanying her to go with him. Turned out, it was OK and Jerry finally got the chance to see where I live after so long of being friends. She even used my toilet. hahaha.

I said my thank-you to the guy and bid farewell to Jerry.
Nothing special for this day but glad to finally see her.
And FYI, the guy was not her bf. Just a mutual friend. Jerry alrady has a bf.

So that's my story for last night and my long, detailed story for today.


Monday, January 8, 2007

Home, I'm Coming...

Dear blog,

at 6.20pm tomorrow I'll be flying home. Yes, that's my flight for tomorrow. Can't wait. But I'm not as eager to go home this time as I was on my last semester break. But still, I can't wait to go back home. There's no place like home they say, and I second that. By the way, I just bought a rather HUGE hiking bag to bring home tomorrow. Imagine an already plumped girl with an average asian height(which is quite short) carrying a huge hiker's backpack. That's quite an amusing picture if you'd ask me. Oh well, who really cares right? As long as I get to bring all the things I want to bring home. That's all that really matters.

I'll be flying home with Mel and Lat and who knows there might be others, probably Mel or Lat's friends. As for me, I'm pretty sure I didn't bring anyone to come with us. Unlike last time, we're gonna take our flight from Johor airport. Just to try something new, but Lat and I think that maybe next year we'll just stick to KL airport; less fuss. In the meantime, I haven't finished packing because one of my pants hasn't dried yet. Have to wait for it to dry first, and only then I can complete my packing(I know, I know. Sounds like a cover up for my plain laziness). As you can see, I like to dilly-dally things. I admit that. No surprise there, been like that since I dunno when. I do realize it's not a good attitude to cultivate though. Therefore, I think I should add my New Year's resolution list with "Stop being a procrastinator and a lazy bum". hehe. I'll try to work on that. Seriously, I will.

Moving on. Our agenda for tomorrow will start in the morning. Our bus will take off at 10.30am and that means waking early in the morning to catch the bus. Then, Mel said that Melaka-Johor ride was gonna take around 3 hours or so. After that, she said that we had to take another bus to take us to the airport and that ride was gonna be about an hour or more. I dunno, but since she's the experience, I'll just have to assume that everything she's said is true. Mel and Lat has estimated the time taken for all those rides before reaching Johor airport(I practically didn't do anything, it was them who did all the estimations, calculations and so on. Guess they didn't really trust my sense of judgement, and I don't blame them. Besides, they're the elder ones-me still shmall ;p). We're gonna reach the airport around 4pm or 5pm. Then check in and just wait for the boarding time. wuhu~!! and maybe while waiting, we're gonna just chill and take a drink or even have an early dinner(that's actually my idea, dunno about them though). All right then, I think that's all. Can't wait for tomorrow. More updates coming during the holidays(...maybe? ;p)

tata bloggie~

Ms. Excited

Friday, January 5, 2007


Weeeeepeee bloggie!!

FINALLY! My exam is finished! woohooo~!
Now I can LAZE around as much as I want to, you know why?
because it's HO-LEE-DAE! har har har..

For this semester break, I plan to try and make the full out of it as my previous semester break kinda sucked; I just sat at home, fed the dogs, cleaned the dogs' "home", bathed the dogs(it's like I devoted myself to my dogs for that holiday), watched TV, onlined for hours untill my ass went numb, etc and repeating all of them again and again everyday. What a waste. Hope this time will be a bit better. But it's hard to enjoy my holiday without friends. FRIENDS are the ones who always make my outings interesting. Most of my friends are studying at Labuan Matriculation College but when they're on their holidays, we in MMU are on our study week. Urgh. It'll be the same case when I go back home this Tuesday. There will only be a few of my good friends left in KK. The rest are at LMC or at their respective colleges and universities in Peninsula Malaysia. Dammit. This is what you get when studying in private uni. The holiday timings are not synchronized with public education institutions'. Consequently, I always get left out when my friends do gatherings back at home. Not fair. But no worries, I'll be meeting up with my LMC friends soon. They will have a break on the 19th(or 18th) and in the meantime, I'm looking forward to meet Jerry! She's one of my good friends who's studying in Australia and now she's back in KK for holiday after being in Aussie for so long!(well aboout a year or so to be exact hehe). Hope I could see her in time because she's heading to KL on the 11th or 12th and will spend the rest of her holiday there and will head straight back to Australia afterwards. *sigh* wish she could stay a bit longer. But nevermind, I'm just glad that she's still gonna be there when I come back home later this Tuesday. At least we still can meet up right?

Meanwhile, since I still have like about 4 more days before I fly back home, I plan to explore Malacca. Well, of course not the whole of Malacca, only the interesting places around the town area(no car bah..only public bus. No money to rent a car either, but that's a thought though. It shall be considered then. Hehe)

Well, since all's said. Just wanna enjoy my holiday and all the best to Lat and Mel for their last paper tomorrow~

Mom and dad, I want money for shopping, and for buying a new set of rechargeable batteries and its charger so that I can finally move away from cam-whoring using Lat's little mobile phone camera to a more decent digital camera.

I'm gonna keep on saying that until the day comes when I finally step the lovely ground of North Borneo. huahuahua.


Thursday, January 4, 2007


Dear blog,

finally... the 2nd paper(Calculus) is history. Just another one more left. Physics II. Till that day came, I'm just gonna talk about my Calculus paper for today. Well, I think I did ok, at least I didn't leave many blank, unanswered spaces. BUT, I can't be too confident yet as most people said that it was hard. I couldn't stop saying my prayers during exam. haha. It was kinda pathetic of me when I come to think about it. Well, I was desperate ok and still is. In the meantime, as usual, Miss lil-Lazy-Ass here haven't started doing her Physics revision for today. Seriously man, I am so tired of doing revision. I had to stay up late last night until around 3am just to do a last-minute Calculus revision and the exam was gonna be at 9am. Imagine just how little I slept for exam(but still can't beat Mel and Lat's record for not sleeping the whole night before their paper). I was very drowsy during exam but I managed to pull through. wuhu~ and now here I am, blogging and have been online since noon and now it's already about half an hour to 3pm. You see how indiscipline I am? *sigh* temptations man..I blame it on temptations. I'm telling's hard to resist them. Too good to pass up the chance. hahahaha.. Joy, Joy..when are you ever gonna change? hey, old habits die hard OH-KAY! what da heck? I'm answering my own question. Goodness... I'm telling you, this is what exam week does to you. They drive you out of that little "sane" box in that head of yours. Wokie-dokie, it's time to sleep. Sleep first, study afterwards. hahahahahaha... phew, I'm mentally and physically exhausted..better go now.

Another one more left! ONE MORE!!

Oh and before that, I just wanna let you know that I've already watched the leaked video of Sadam's hanging just now. I got goosebumps watching it. Now that he's finally gone, I don't think it's the right decision to kill him. Heck, I never thought of it as the right decision from the very beginning. He was hanged during Aidiladha summore! I don't blame them Sunni Arabs for getting furious. That's just plain irrespectful. They coulda just let him live for a couple more days and go celebrate with his family for one last time. Hey, I'm not saying that I'm siding him or anything, it's just not right for me. Anyways, personally, I think putting him on a life-sentence is better. At least let him suffer for what he did. Hanging him to death is like being too easy on him. But of course, the after-life would be hell. And now the act only provoked the bad more than the good. They just pulled the trigger for more war break-outs. C'mon Bush, you should know better.

Watched the video on and here's the link: Saddam's Last Moments...

Not sure how long the video is gonna remain there because it's an unauthorized video. So, I think it won't be long before they take them(the video is all over the internet man!) down.

and here's the report about the unauthorized video:
Saddam Execution Video Leads to Arrests

OK, turrah~

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Dear blog,

just finished my Engish II paper earlier this morning. I didn't really get enough sleep the night before. I was having a mental block during exam and consequently a very bad and lousy essay and summary were written for the writing part. Urgh.. it was probably the lack of sleep. *sigh* why do I always tend to screw things up? I hope I'd score well though. Who knows right? Maybe I did well after all. OK, that was just me comforting myself. I didn't even finish all the Q's. I think there was one more question left unanswered. Oh well... all's done. Nothing I can do now. Just hope for the best. I'm really hoping that my continuous chants of Hail Mary everytime before I go to sleep and before I answer the exam paper worked(not even sure if that's the right prayer for exam ;P). hahaha.. OK, OK..tmorrow is my Calculus paper. Surprisingly, this time I'm not as nervous as I was during last sem. Maybe because this time I actually did my revision and not-so-last-minute like last time(I'm a self-confessed last-minute creep). But still, the butterflies are still there. Can't really make them go away, it's totally natural to be nervous before exam. Instead, you should be worried if you don't. Well, I guess that's about it for today. Oh, and a little more addition. I give my salutation to Lat and Melanie for they practically did not sleep the night before exam. Now both of them are sleeping soundly like two big babies. nyaihnyaihnyaih..~

1 DOWN, 2 MORE TO GO! and home here I come~!


Monday, January 1, 2007

Exam Fever

Dear blog,

I'm getting a bit fed-up of studying. I'm the kind of person who easily gets tired and bored of studying, especially for something that doesn't interest me. I've been going to the library to study for the the whole week non-stop and it's wearing me out. I've just finished revising calculus, and haven't even started on my Physics yet and exam is another 2 more days. I've a feeling that I'm gonna screw up during exam. *sigh*.. and the worse thing now is, I don't feel like studying anymore. I'm sick of it. urgh. Maybe it'd be different if I were at least interested to study the subjects. God, help me. Help me get my momentum back. It's just hard for me to start again once I've started to laze around even if only for a short while. urgh...Quantum Physics. Radioactivity. Electronvolt. oh my goodness...frankly speaking, I really don't have any idea for any of those topics. Too complicated for a simple mind like mine. *sigh*. I know it's not nice to complain. I myself don't like to listen at people who like to complain. It irritates me. I could complain to my roomate if I want to, but since I know how irritating I would sound like to her, I just spare her aggravation and just complain it all out here. I can go on complaining and rambling like this but I guess it wouldn't do me any good. So, I better go study my Physics now. Hope I won't fail. I'm doing all this for my parents' sake. I dont' wanna dissapoint them as I love them with all my heart. If it weren't because of them, I woulda backed out a long time ago. God help me, give me the strength. Make me wise, guide me please. I'm not asking much, just at least let me pass. I only wanna get this over with A.S.A.P!

Then I'll be flying back home again...~ aahh...the comforting thought of home. Just thinking of home is sufficient enough to motivate me to study. OK! STUDY TIME! huahua..~


till then, ciao bloggy.

Ms. Frustration