Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eve of The Confrontation

As of today, I wanna wish all my friends and family a good life and I apologize for anything that I have done that might have hurt or offended you. Today is the eve of war for us. If anything ever happened to me, I want you to know, I do not die in vain. I would have my sumpit next to me, and also a handmade bakakuk by my side. I would have asked help from God and my ancestors spirit to help and protect me by giving me extra strength and courage and invincibility(but if I died, I wouldn't be so invincible now would I?). I love you mom and dad.

Kidding. Anyway, I think this war is not worth fighting. It's very immature. As much as I would like to ignore and think that it will not happen, the truth of the matter is that there's a very high chance it is going to happen. Indonesians seem so eager to declare war against Malaysia, they seem so prepared and would die for this. I have to say, some Malaysians were very stupid to provoke Indonesia. We don't have to do the same thing what they did. When they killed a Malaysian there, doesn't necessarily mean we have to do the same. That was just a decoy to trigger a war. They are only seeing the small picture of how malaysians and indonesians are getting along. Truth is we are all living in harmony. I hope this silly war talk will end. One more day, let's pray it will stop. I'd rather die not fighting than to fight a silly war. This is practically a civil war. I don't see the reason for blood spill over this matter. In fact, I don't think there's any reason to start a bloody war. Table talk sudeyh.. haha

bkin takut ni, drg suda kasi sedia drg punya black magic team. Ba, apa lagi, kasi kuar ba kita punya! haha. no no, no war. haha. Sabah Sarawak ok ba kan.. manada issue sma Indo kan sana?~ hehe. haih.. kin takut juga ni. daa..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Free Bird

Hey Ho!

Exam is finally OVERRRRRR~~!

I had my last two papers earlier today. Can't say I did great(bad in fact), it was VERY TIRING! The most last minute study I have ever been in! The result of that was of course, not good. Last minute study blum pnah bagi hasil yg memuaskan. haha. I fell asleep so many times during exam. Danny menjadi saksi when I fell asleep in my "the thinker" pose just now when we were studying last minute for Law(couple hours before paper T__T). Haha. lawak.

Anyhoots, I'm glad exams are finally over. And now since my exam schedule surprisingly ended so early, I have one week break here before I fly off to KK on the 12th. Can't do a lot with friends here now because most of them are still having exams till the 8th or 9th. Perlu cari hiburan sendiri la buat smentara ni(mcm skrg ni). I haven't had any sleep since last night(except for that one hour sleep I managed to steal). Insisting not to sleep because I'm finally free to do whatever I want to.... !! yes, although it means I'm depriving myself from sleep. HAHA. I kid, I kid. Going off to bed soon. Can't hold these eyes any longer. I'm blogging while chatting with cousin Ison, he's showing off his face on webcam. haha. Itam tatap itam, tia lari juga tu itam. akakka.

okay, think that's all. Just a message to whoever's nearby: if you need me, call me. No matter how far, don't worry baby. Just call out my name, I'll be there in a hurry, you don't have to worry..coz baby, there ain't no mountain high enough.. ok, I kid again. Mesej sebenarnya.. sa mo ckp, bawa ja sa kuar if kamu mau. mo minta kawan p mngurat lelaki/perempuan, p tingu kucing birak ka.. sa ikut ja... sementara masih xda idup skg. hahah. bah daa~