Friday, November 28, 2008

The Cherry Has Been Popped

Dear Blog,

In case you didn't know, which you don't, I had a performance in campus last night. It was my FIRST TIME singing in campus. I sang two songs, which were "Killing me Softly" by The Fugees and "Angels or Devils" by Dishwalla. I screwed up both songs, especially Killing Me Softly for the beginning part. I totally sang out of key, like 1 or 2 keys lower than the actual key. haha. Well, I wasn't the only one who was nervous like hell. Hanif was the same. I asked him to play guitar for me. He was so nervous that he asked me "Joyce what songs are we playing?" for about four times at four different times. hahah. I don't blame him. In fact, I totally understand because I was going through some serious nervous-breakdown as well. haha. It was my first time performing after highschool. Haha. During the second song, which was Angels Or Devils, I played guitar with Hanif and I screwed that up too. I forgot the chords and I strummed without tempo. But I don't think people heard it 'cause Hanif's guitar drowned mine as his was way louder, but I didn't mind. I sucked anyways. haha. So that was that. I think I did okay in the end(well at least, that's what they have been telling me LOL).

Maybe next time I can perform with Talie? yes, you Talie~ hmph. Hahah. Btw, Talie was supposed to play for me but then she went back to KK way too early. Hmph! hahaha

I have just uploaded the video for "Killing Me Softly" and still uploading the other video of the second song, which is taking a whole lot of siput time. Damn. It's getting on my nerve uploading videos on Youtube. Yea, I uploaded them to Youtube. Haha. Here's the already successfully uploaded video of Killing Me Softly

It was cool how they all sang with me for the chorus. It made my job a lot more easier and less awkward.

Well enjoy, and be free to laugh at me. haha

edited: the other video is finally uploaded! check it out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Proudly Presenting....

Natalie Lousy Shim.. eh silap, Louise Shim. ekekeke.

Well well, that's my talented friend. In case you didn't know, she has quite a talent in music. I never knew she was so consumed with music until she told me that she had her own songs under her sleeves. And I didn't know how good she was in song-writing coz all I know at that time was that she's good at guitar-playing.. not until she let me hear some of her originals. I was amazed! They were actually good. Sa terhibur juga la mendengar..~ haha.

Diam-diam ubi berisi ba si kawan ni. Malas sa. haha.

Jan marah ah Talie sa ckp pasal ko sini. Promote ni, gila! hahhaha

Monday, November 24, 2008


hey hey check this out. Found these at someone's blog just. Thought of doing them too since all of them are very short and no fuss to do. And also, because I'm very curious to know.

The Ultimate Color Test

When you are at peace, you are:

Giving and unselfish

When you are moved to act, you are:

Giving and warm

When you are inspired, you are:

Creative and productive

When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:

Totally in the moment

Your life's purpose is:

To change the world

The Ultimate Color Test

Oooo~ to change the world.. I like that. haha

Your Expression Number is 3

A natural performer, your destiny lies in writing, speaking, acting, or teaching.

Imaginative and unique, you have a natural creative talent in the arts.

You're also a natural salesperson. You can easily sell your ideas and yourself.

A total optimist, you are enthusiastic about life and living.

You are friendly and social - and people are taken by your charm.

Your role in life is to inspire, motivate, and raise others' spirits.

At times, you can seem a bit superficial.

Sometimes you're a bit unfocused and too easygoing.

You're best off when you don't dwell on trivial matters, especially gossip.

What's Your Expression Number?

unfocused = so true!
gossip = well.. yea, I kinda like to hear some :p
superficial = erm.. not so much I think. heh.

Your Birthdate: August 17

You tend to find yourself lucky - both in business and in life.

And while being wealthy is nice, you enjoy sharing your abundance with others.

You put your luck to good use: you are very ambitious and goal oriented.

Often times, you get over excited and take on more than you can manage.

Your strength: Your ability to make your own luck

Your weakness: Thinking you can do it all

Your power color: Bronze

Your power symbol: Half Moon

Your power month: August

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

lucky = I wish. Need it a lot in my life.
ambitious = mm-hmm only that I lack determination and hard work for now
overexcited = true that haha
thinking you can do it all = uh-huh

Finally It's Out


my supplementary exam results are just out(Remember that I previously failed two subject which were Maths III and Electromagnetic Theory). Well, I only passed Maths III and failed Electromagnetic. Boohoo~ looks like I'm gonna have to repeat Electro then.

I'm actually very grateful that I passed Maths III, because honestly, I'd been expecting to fail both. Haha. I was already prepared for the worst. So, to pass at least one subject is great enough for me. Seems that Someone had heard my prayer, and I thank You for that.

Okie that's all. Just some news flash for ya. hehe =p

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Dear Blog,

Punish me for crossing my own resolution. Yea, I have a new resolution for this semester, that is not to miss any lectures or tutorials especially the morning ones, except when under certain circumstances. Well today I missed both of my morning lectures. *sigh* I overslept(stupid me slept very late the night before). Was feeling a bit guilty for not going to my lectures, I wonder what were all the important things that I had missed. I'm glad that I'm having this guilty conscience, because it shows that I'm concern about my studies. I haven't had this guilt since my hostel days, which was last year. One thing that makes me hate missing classes is that it would take me more time to study for exam as I have to try and understand everything on my own considering that I have a very slow pickup, haha and I hate to study everything from scratch. Since I'm a very last minute person, straining my brain too much of things in the eleventh hour stresses me to the max. Haha. I've noticed that lectures help me a lot in understanding a subject. It especially becomes most helpful for last-minute study =D. Ever since I moved out of hostel, I've become a total slob; I don't go to lectures for no reason or simply because I'm lazy, I don't exercise at all, and I sleep and eat a lot. All this is referring to last semester. And look what it got me - I flunked two out four subjects. Damn. That's enough to be a wake up call. Hence, my new resolution and disapointment for not going to class this morning.

But... psst psst..

I went jogging today. Yeepee-yay~ at least something else is still going on. Teehee~

You know what, I think I sounded like a total nerd just now. LOL. No harm in that though =)

But WAIT, don't start thinking that I'm very studious now 'coz I'm not. Haha. Still a last-minute person here. Let's just take things slow, will just try to attend all lectures and exercise for now. Hehe..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jogging Update

Jogging Mission for today: SUCCESS

even though it was drizzling a little bit, I managed to jog one whole round, plus a 2-round walk. Thiveya was kind enough to accompany me that time and we even took some time to visit the lake, or septic lake as Lionel calls it, at the back of MMU. The lake is over-populated with these "ikan bandaraya"(that's what I've been told). Felt so tempted to just scoop some of them out with my bare hands, or maybe a net if it's really a septic lake. Yeaiks.

Well anyways, hopefully this mission won't come to an end anytime soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Like To Move It, Move It!

FINALLY! I watched Madagascar! HAHA

The Movie was awesome! I dunno about the rest of you, but for me it's not much different from the previous one. They're equally hillarious. I had fun watching it at the cinema with Achul and Lena. The audience wasn't cool though, only a handful that actually laughed throughout the entire movie, that of course, including the three of us. At one time, I burst out laughing(or should I say shrieking? haha) alone at one scene when the whole audience was so quiet. It was embarassing and I think the guy next to me hated me for laughing at every scene. But seriously, he has got to learn to enjoy a good funny movie. I didn't see him laugh for even one time for goodness sake! What a waste. I don't wanna talk about the movie because it'll be a spoiler to those who haven't watched it yet(which you MUST!). *sigh* I don't mind watching the movie twice, that's how much I enjoyed the movie. Glad to have Lena sitting next to me at the cinema because I noticed that we kinda have a chemistry at watching movie at cinema. We would always be so noisy just like just now. Haha. She has exam this coming Thursday, but there's always a room for MADAGASCAR. Haha. Good luck in exam anyway bebeh. I'm very sure you can do it. LENA BAITUH! haha.

And about my jogging mission for yesterday(monday), well I failed. I slept through it. Hahahah. Besides, I think it was raining? alasan... hahaha.

So the moral of the story is: Go watch Madagascar and if you don't find it hilarious, then you suck. LOL. Kidding. But, seriously. hahaha

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Daydream and Be Free

Why do we like to talk bad about others? I dunno, maybe some kinda jealousy that we just wouldn't want to admit to? Well I' ve to admit, I talk bad about other people too - I'm no angel, you see. But sometimes I wonder why do I even do it. This is when I usually put on my philosophy hat, which could stretch on for hours because I'd think from one thing to another which consequently overloads this already mixed up mind with loads of trivial things that I don't even have to be bothered with, really. haha. I think I waste most of my time daydreaming. I'm gonna try to stop talking bad about others as well as daydreaming. Think it would be hard, especially the daydreaming part. I just love it. Okay you know what, I changed my mind, I'm just gonna reduce it, not stop once and for all. To daydream is like to get high and escape from the stress and tensions of the real world, only that it's perfectly healthy. No Consumption of any kind of leaves or chemical or anything. Nothing. Just your mind drifting off to that space where you can be anywhere and anything you want to be~ Haha. I'm starting to get carried away with this topic already, which will result in "nonsensical jumble of words"(got that from HAHA) So, stopping now.

Well anyways, all I'm saying is...


From this moment onwards, instead of talking bad about others, I shall focus more on the good side of people and thus nice things will be spoken about them. :))

Sleepy and drowsy. Tata~

OH! and another thing, I'm gonna start jogging tomorrow!(hopefully it won't rain or my laziness won't overcome my urge for some exercise). I REALLY REALLY have to start trimming off these excessive fats. Daym. You know the other day at the library, I came up to my friend, Hanif, and stood next to him and he said this to me,

"Yea Joy, you're fat"


I know that I've gained weight over the holidays, but he didn't have to point it out so blankly to me like that. But, one good thing came out from Hanif's statement. I finally have a strong urge to lose some weight. Haha. In a way, I need to thank him for that actually. So, thanks Hanif. Lol.

Okie, Ciao.

Friday, November 14, 2008




Phew~ what a big load off my back. I know for sure I didn't do well for both papers, considering I took all the time I had for granted and didn't really make full use of it to study. Ohhhhh well.....~~~ Although I know I did badly, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. At least I tried all my best(or lack of) during exams. I made sure I didn't stop answering at the 1st hour(2 hours is the duration for each paper) as I always do when my mind crashes to that one block and I go blank. I squeezed my already squeezed puny brain 'til the very last minute until there was already nothing else to squeeze out. When I do that, I feel a slight satisfaction in some ways. So when the results are finally out and I somehow failed(touch wood), at least I wouldn't feel too bad because I've already tried my best during exam(not in term of studying/revising hehe). Anyhoo, that's all. I haven't had any sleep yet since last night and my eyes are now half-open - they're so heavy! and so is my head.

After two disappointing plans to watch Madagascar 2 at the cinema, I really really hope I could watch it anytime soon... maybe tonight? hehe. If not Madagascar, James Bond will do too! There's something about Daniel Craig that's much more attractive than the previous Bonds.

Till then, tata!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yeap. It's a "film" of pics I edited using a cool software called Photoscape, introduced by cousin Dayze. I had fun playing with the animation effect where you compile your photos and turn them into an animation, where it looks something like the stop-motion effect. You may call me outdated for only discovering about this thing now, but at least I know about it now than never right? Hehe. Anyway, I uploaded one of my "animation" of myself on Myspace since Myspace is the only place where the animation works, unlike Friendster and Facebook where picture animation doesn't work.

Oh, and I think the film of pictures above is way too small. You can try clicking on it and enlarge it or whatever to make it bigger so you can see how cute Chris and I are~ awww...~ hahaha.

P/S: I should really be studying for my supplementary exams now. Yes Bloggie, I failed two subjects for my finals. Oh hell,I've just realized. First it was Yearbook Yourself, and now Photoscape? Damn, I have a bad feeling for my supplementary exams later. LOL.

Alritey, sleeping time! Turrah~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yet Another Tag

Olah. Blame Ned for this. Just when I thought there was not gonna be any more tags, and *snap* comes another one. But this one is pretty simple. In fact, it's actually extremely simple that I don't mind doing at all. haha. Anyway, all tags will start with some rules.. and for this tag the rules are..

What you should do:
1) Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2) Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
5) Tag 10 people to do this

HAHA. There you go! My so unprepared one-canned-beer face(not that I care). LOL. Nah Ned, my beautipul pace. haha.

And now, I tag...

Couz Kelor
Sis Inden
Bro Jerry

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After restraining myself from the tempts of others for a very long time, I have finally gave in and conform with the rest of you. I now have a Facebook account. (Dammit)

Well, I just wanted to see what's the fuss all about. Curious, curious. =p

And now, I'm completely clueless about the whole thing. Need time to explore. And, WHY..WHY is everyone into Facebook these days!? It's kinda annoying. But what the heck, the delete-account button is just few clicks away. Haha.

Exam results are out! *panting frantically*

Okay, Bye.