Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nenek Dusun

Last night I dreamt of our late grandmother or also known as Nenek Dusun or Nenek Kadai. ahaha.. anyway, I could only remember bits of the dream only. But it started off with me bringing my friends to meet her. She was sitting on a chair.. the background was sorta blurred. So I didn't know where we were exactly. The weird thing is, I brought my semenanjung friends instead of the KK friends to meet her. haha. After that, it was just me and her. We were talking and talking though I don't quite remember what was it that we were talking about, but I was so absorbed in the conversation with her. All I remember is how she talked about Kongkong and the rest of the family.. but I remembered she talked a lot about Kongkong... she even mentioned his birthday which was, well at least in that dream of course, 18th May 19?? haha. Yeah, I know that's not Kongkong's real birthday. It was a dream after all. haha. But one thing I remember the most is when in the end she said she missed all of us. That just made me cry when I woke up later on.

When we were chit-chatting away, I noticed how young and glowy she looked. And she spoke fluent english! hahaha. She was just so cool. The way she talks.. the way she brings herself.. all coolness. I like how she was so so so calm and relax.. well that's how Nenek has always been for me as far as I remember. I asked her a heck lot of questions about her and Kongkong.. but I can't recall what were the questions. But I do know that I was fully aware that it was just a dream and how glad I was to see her again. And I didn't wanna miss the chance to talk to her. I've always wished how I was much older and hadn't taken her for granted when she was still alive because I wanna hear her stories and have a lot to ask now that I have a fully developed brain.

And then here comes the small bits of the dream that came and went by fleetingly when we were yapping away. Like a video clip, these are scenes or sometimes snaps of things that came in transitions.. one fading away into another. First it was Kongkong's birthday... when Nenek was talking about it, a print of his birthday typed on an old and rusty paper appeared.. it was only for a short while and back to Nenek and I. Then when she was talking about the family(in Ranau), came in this scene of Aping and Kelek doing a dance in the water.. they looked so beautifully funny. They wore a long flowy top, almost like a top dress.. and long white tights. Their friends were in it as well. All looking like pretty angels or fairies dancing in the water only that they're boys. They were all glowing with the added effects of the flowy top and the all-white attire~ In the dream, I viewed them from the bottom of what seemed to me like an ocean or some kind of a pool, as they were swimming and dancing away to the surface. But being them, all that was meant to be a joke to entertain Nenek. It was damn funny. I liked it when they stop, pose, twirl and swim away whenever they come infront of me.

I never realized how much I've missed Nenek until I had this dream. After waking up, I teared a little when I think of the dream. First thing I did was to text my dad about it. And being my dad, he replied a simple "ok". That's my dad. I know he misses her too.

Till my next dream.. Au revoir et bonne soirée!