Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 9

I am quite drained from doing nothing at work today. It was cold and I fell asleep few times, couldn't fight it as always. I hate that I can't control my sleepy head. Well my morning was kick-start with helping out my supervisor to get him the schematic diagram for Feeder 6 AB (from Kepayan Main Intake or M/I) on the computer and print it out. One lady estimator which I think her name is Suhana showed me where to get the diagram, and Andrew (a Tecnical Assistant) helped me to print it.

Done with that, I retreated back to my borrowed desk (originally Suhana's desk but she recently sits at another desk) and tried to do something useful. So I read through some papers which were given to me yesterday. Finished it and back to doing nothing, I wouldn't let it go on any longer so I went to the Lady Boss's room and asked for a handbook which she had shown to me the first time I came to that unit. The book is called Electricity Supply Application Handbook (EHSA). It's a good book, full of informations and very useful. I only managed to read through it thoroughly for the first 5 or 8 pages when my eyes started to droop down and terjuling-juling because I was too damn sleepy. I took a nap when it got very hard to control. Continued reading through the book after the nap but with less focus. I was getting impatient and couldn't stop looking at the clock. I was practically monitoring the clock every 5 mins. What a torture.

I was getting hungry because I didn't have any breakfast which was my fault. 12PM I bailed and went to lunch with Mim again, this time at Kak Nong's opposite Timesquare just across the road. Had lunch, went back to office heavy heartedly and again continue monitoring the clock to strike 5PM. In the meantime, my supervisor called me into his office and tried to explain what are the procedures for applying electricity supply for capital or big developments. He asked me to get him a document at the files store room. Andrew assisted me to it and told me that the store room was haunted even in broad day light. I thought he was kidding so I just brushed it off but turned out he wasn't when I asked him seriously since he kept on mentioning it. I didn't really feel scared though but facinated instead, maybe because I was already too bored and that kinda story only lightens up my mood. Haha. So yeah about the document, searched it through in these 2 thick files but to no avail. Got back to my supervisor but he was busy for the longest time I waited and got fed up and again retreated back to my desk and forget it all at once. I started doing my report to kill the time instead.

I bailed at 4.45PM.

That's all folks,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 8


Things were better at work today although I mainly did other people's chores than actually learning something. I didn't really mind actually because at least I was doing something than nothing. I was practically walking around in the office kinda begging for work or something to get busy with. I got what I wanted which ended up to be photocopying, recording log book, more photocopying, and helped a pregnant staff with re-arranging and transferring her bulk of hardcover files from her cupboard to another cupboard in another room and getting her 6 new hardcovered files and 3 boxes of small sized staple bullets downstairs from Mr. Theobald. Did all that till lunch break at 12.30PM. It's a good thing Mim is nearby which is in Timesquare because I can go lunch with her. I called and picked her up from work and we went to have lunch in Sembulan (soto dia sedap. Jom kita ramai-ramai pegi sana one day kawan-kawan keras). Came back from lunch at 1.40PM, there were only 2 or 3 people in the office. I walked back and forth in the office (it's just a small office) again and couldn't stand it and had to ask somebody about something that's relevant to my internship. So, I asked this one staff who's in charge of estimating (for material costs and so on) since he looked so free as well. He kindly explained few things to me, and gave me a procedure flow chart of customer supply application. Although it wasn't much, I appreciate it a lot nevertheless. Bless that guy. after that, I was back to doing nothing again. Pretty tempted to bail early that day but I was determined to stay until end of office hours and that is exactly what I did and yes I am proud of it. Haha.

On another note, my supervisor has now transferred to Papar so I'm kinda lost as to who is my proper supervisor now. I have this phone interview by my assigned internship lecturer coming up this Thursday or Friday. It's an interview between my supervisor and my lecturer, so since my current supervisor is not around, he was substituted with another engineer (young one). And the fun fact of the day is that this engineer's younger sister is my friend, a junior in MMU. What a small world. For me that was a pleasant surprise, I don't know why exactly but yeah, it was really good to know. Well yes, in conclusion, today was better. Thanks God for listening haha.

Till then, see ya later~ mwah.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 7

Reported myself in to a quite young lady engineer for the new unit change (Planning Unit) today. Briefed about the flow of that particular department and officially became the "photocopy intern". This is an office work, so I won't be expecting any fieldwork for this one month, unless I decide to escape and join the rest of the kids downstairs for site visit. The other interns have told me about this Planning Unit, of how boring it was and the tukang photocopy thingy. Yes, I had been warned way earlier. Haha. During lunch hour today I escaped and went back home (I know, I know, it's not a very ethical thing to do but screw that for now lol). I was all alone~~ not one of the other trainees/interns showed up today except for that one girl friend of mine. That was all. I was lucky enough that she came for awhile. So yeah, that's all for today's story. Let's see about tomorrow, I'm praying for better days to come haha. Alrite, take care!

Signing out,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 6

Today I followed my parents to buy new mattress for my brother, Jerry's bed because of my complaint about the current mattress being too soft which sores my back (I've been sleeping at Jerry's room recently). So mom bought a new super-single mattress for the super-single bed frame which was still kept under the current bed, means that we had yet to set up the bed frame. So mattress was purchased which by the way is a good quality one, and we headed back home to start our little project of setting up the super-single bed frame. Immediately reaching home, I greeted my dogs (as always) and noticed that one of my dogs, Papi's paw was swollen. Picked him up from the bunch and checked it out and found that it had a hole in it which I was pretty sure was a bite hole and now I figured it had maggots on it. I sprayed it with maggots wound spray and true enough, all these small maggots started coming out (ewwww). Not long after that I noticed Papi's hind paw was wet and swollen too, I was hoping it wasn't another maggot wound, and so I checked it and again, it was. The hind paw was worse than the front one. *sigh* Poor dog. Dad and I proceeded to treat both paws which had serious maggot problem (urgh~). Okay yadayadayada, done fixing Papi's paws and off to bed-frame project we went. Set up the bed frame with dad. Dad wanted to keep both beds in that tiny room, but I disagreed and volunteered to disassemble the old bed frame myself and so he agreed. And there I was doing it all alone (which I kinda regretted it at one point lol - it was quite tiring) but the outcome was satisfying. Oh and one of the two drawer chests was taken out too. So more space, more comfortable and now I'm a happy girl. All this work had made me miss mass today. Porgive me. heheh.

And after I was all done with the room, I met up with Natalie at CP to buy my stuff and after that Suria Sabah to buy hers.

There you go my Sunday story. Bye bye for now~ Have a good day tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 2

So today I finished work quite early - around 12pm. We went to do a simple work at one of the houses in Ketiau, Putatan where the house had no electric supply because the service line was detached from the wall. That house area was a mangrove area so mosquitoes were everywhere feeding on our blood while we watched the work being done. It was crazy. The owner of that house was a police guy, a quite jovial guy. He sure can talk alot. While we were smacking the mosquitoes away he kept on saying, wah gembira saya tengok kamu semua gembira betul dtg sini, tepuk-tepuk tangan from inside of his house. lol. He's 54 years old. 2 years shy from retirement but he did not look like his age at all. We told him that and he said, exercise bah exercise. Payah kalau tidak exercise kalau polis. - tell that to most of the pot bellied policemen I saw before this lol. He's a good man full of conviction, lifted up my otherwise boring mood that time.

Other than that, nothing interesting happened, it was a pretty lazy and unproductive day I must say. I drove back and watched TV until the two big bosses came back from town and had some tarap with them. lol. After that off to bed I went. What was supposed to be a short nap turned into a long one. Well there's no such thing as long nap as what a friend told me last time. A long nap is practically sleeping. I kinda agree with that. So yeah anyway, I slept from 3.30 till 6.30pm. Woke up twice in between - head was pretty heavy and pening. And here I am now. Oh gosh, I need to be more productive. Geesh.

Pictures from today's work:

Till then, ciao!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 1

Hello Bloggie, so now I am currently coming into the end of my second month of internship on October 10th. Lately, it has been quite boring after the unit change which is the Development/Project unit. I am on my last week in this unit and will then change to Planning unit. I haven't really learned much from this particular unit not until my third week when I was assigned to follow Mr. Rahim. He was good, at least he knew what he was doing and would gladly explain things in detail. That's what I want. But he's on his annual leave now for the whole week, so I'm left hanging. Today I was supposed to follow another staff but he left to do the work orders without calling me to tag along this morning - I joined the maintenance (overhead line) gang instead. We went to Shallom Valley, Kionsom. It was a nice place.

Moving on, the Politeknik interns have just finished their internship last friday which sucks for me because there goes all the good friends. Now it's only left with me and another girl and the rest are all SESB trainees which are all guys. They're cool though, will try to get closer to them starting from now because the other girl is finishing end of this month and that will leave me being the only girl.

Oh yeah, one breakthrough that maybe not many have known and would be a "FINALLY!" or "Oh thank God!" moment to most of those who are close to me is that I have actually started driving. I mean like real driving. I drive to work now and yes it's manual. Oh yes sister you heard me. After obtaining my driving license about 2 years ago, I have finally faced my fear and made it happen. haha. (noob in the house).

Okay that's all for now. Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our youngest and most beloved baby girl in gengkaras, JOJO KIRAM! Have a blessed birthday and enjoy the start of your 22 year-old life. We love you.