Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Dear Blog,

for merdeka day, my friends and I went to watch the fireworks
at Putrajaya International Convention Centre(PICC). The fireworks was fantastic!! and being a fan of fireworks since forever, it was a sight to behold. I feel like a kid again everytime watching fireworks. To get there was a dread though. The jam was SO TERRIBLE our butts literally went numb for sitting too long in the car.

In the end, everyone who was stuck in the jam somehow got fed-up and just parked their cars right in the middle of the road. So, since we were already getting bored and fed-up as well, we just went along with it too and switched off our car's engine and walked our way to the PICC area. We got there just in time! seconds after we reached there, there were already colourful explosions in the sky. Amara and I got so excited that we left the rest to get to a more closer view of the fireworks, and my God was it terrific. The traffic jam was all worth it. The fireworks lasted about 30 minutes, which for me is the longest fireworks I've ever watched, and the finale of the fireworks was the BEST!--the fireworks kept on booming one after another non-stop that the sky was made bright!! it was orgasmicly amazing! haha. My friend, Danny managed to take some photos of the fireworks.. although they're not as good as to justify what we witnessed ourselves, it's better than nothing.

Okie, as I said, here are some of the pictures taken during the fireworks..

and here's the finale bit..

looks greater live though..

and here is the firework-excited group... Danny took the pic and Din and Lionel were MIA when we took this pic. haha..
Agnes, Amara, me and Hanif

will definitely go and watch again next year!! haha..
till then,


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hey Look..

I can see a dog outside my window, sniffing around the garbage area..and hey look, it's peeing the place as well. haha.. it's really a wonder for me to see a dog hanging around in campus because frankly, i noticed that there are not really many dogs in sight here in the Peninsula. They have cats instead and LOTS of them! i guess it's because the majority of the society in the Peninsula are muslims.. so they'd like to eradicate as many stray dogs as possible and keep the cats instead. Actually the same thing is happening in my hometown as well.. but i don't think it's that extreme compared to here and dogs are not a rare sight for us there and the muslims there aren't that much of dog-haters or something. When i come and think about it, dogs can do a lot of good than cats. Cats basically just know how to catch rats and laze around the house and get all the comfort they need without the risk of getting eradicated. well i'm not saying we should eradicate cats here..
it's just that sometimes i really think that to eradicate stray dogs just because some people don't like them is not fair. and here's another thing, i heard that they SHOOT stray dogs instead of giving them homes(there are many people who'd love to have dogs as companions) or putting them to sleep, which is more HUMANE. It just disgusts me to think that they even have the heart to do that to another living, breathing creation.
how i wish i could do something to help even the slightest bit.

this makes me miss my dogs and home..
well, gonna be home soon.. i still have about 1 month plus before returning home for semester break.. can't wait.

and Christina's gonna come to KL soon! weepee~ can't wait to see her!

alritey, will update again later.. tata..

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mi Birthday

Dear Blog,

I know it's a bit late to be talking about my birthday which was exactly 1 week ago(Aug 17). Haha. But anyways, my main purpose is just to post some pictures here actually. I don't really know where to put all the pics. So i guess here is the most appropriate place to put up all the pics. By the way, there was nothing much during my birthday and wasn't really expecting to be celebrating as well because that very night of my birthday we were gonna have a midterm test. So it was really not the best time to be celebrating things. haha. Anyway, my friends were great enough to treat me with some late night birthday supper. Really appreciate it. It was REALLY sweet of them to do that. I even got cupcakes! haha. So enough blabbering, here are the photos...

Here's the whole gang. Me and Hanif spoiled the pic though. haha.

Another one in diff angle.

Me and Danny boy here.

Faiz kecik a.k.a Pak Aji

and Aizat

and here's my so-called "twin", Amara. Many people say we look alike. She's Thai-Chinese..and she can speak both thai n chinese. I know, cool right?

and here's Dean, The Big Boss and Hafiz, The Joker

and the one in cap is Faiz Besar a.k.a Family Man. haha.

and that's Hanif..

there's also Lionel on the far right..

and also Nisah..

and this is the happy birthday girl. =P

k that's all folks. haha.

p/s: regarding my IC and all, i've already settled everything. weepee..~

alright then, it's late and i'm sleepy. goodnight!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bad Night-20.08.2007

Dear blog,

let's just say that tonight was really a bad night.
okay, first of all, we were going to cinema for Rush Hour 3 midnight movie.
Then on the way to and back from the movie, some bad and unexpcted
things happened along the way.. and it's basically because of
our own silly and clumsy mistakes..

so now, lemme list down the shitty things that happened:

1. The car which i was in(they were 3 cars all in all) rammed to a stranger's car and made a slight dent on it.
cause: a silly gangster "act" by our other friend from another car.

2. My purse which contains my IC, STUDENT ID CARD, ATM CARD, HOSTEL ROOM KEY, ROSARY and about RM70 CASH was lost or more like stolen. damn~

3. On our way back, my friend nearly ran through the divider when driving.

4. And now, i dropped my scrunchy at the mamak shop.

haih..i know it doesn't sound much. But it feels like it is for all these things to be happening in one night. And i think i'm the one who's experiencing the biggest impact here. I can feel a heavy burden in my chest now. Feeling a bit better though after i went for police report just now. I could feel some burden was lifted out of my chest.
Thank goodness i have helping friends. Can't express how grateful i am to have them.
I owe them a lot; the ride, the food, the patience, and everything. Will try to pay them back in one way or another later.

Haven't said anything to my parents yet. Will tell them about this later today.
I'm gonna have to get ready for a good long lecture..
because this is not the first time i lost things out of clumsiness and forgetfulness.
I have to be more careful and aware of my stuff from now on..
it's also sad because i was beginning to love that purse which i used to dislike which my sister had bought from Bali.

Now there's a lot of things i have to settle. So many places to go to settle everything and i just wish to get it over with fast. That also mean i'm gonna have to depend on my friends once again for the ride. *sigh*
I'm really a troublemaker..should stop being one.

note to self: BUY A HANDBAG/SLING BAG to keep your purse and other important stuff!! and stop being so carelesss!!

sorry mom and dad for being such a troublesome child..huhu.

ok, a bit tired now.