Sunday, July 29, 2007

Passing Time

Dear blog,

okay, here's a little something i wrote just now when i was slacking studying.
it's not that good but i'm content with the result. ahah. by the way, i don't really have an idea for the title. hehe. anyhoo, here it is:

time sure knows how to fly fast,
how i wish i could make it last,
damn, exams are such a dread,
no wonder students say they're better off be dead.

oh well,
that's just a normal silly suicidal thought,
but hey of course i don't wanna die,
there's just so much more to life!

gotta get back to those damn pencil and books now,
and start studying till i become a clown.

don't get me started again,
is what the robot in 'Transformers' said,
and you know what?
i did not even remember it said that in the movie,
it was the priest in the church who told me!
rock on father, i shall not fail thee!

you see?
i'm letting time fly past me by again!
darn it,
i really have to stop slacking,
'cause my midterm is coming!!
i'm ciao-ing,


hehe.. k, guess that's it. tata.

miss lazy-ass

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wrong Aim.

Dear Blog,

why do all the guys i like never make a move on me?
well, that's not exactly true..there was one. but that was it, only ONE.
anyways, someone has recently confessed to me.
guess my hunch was right, coz i had already seen it coming.
i was praying that he would just keep the feelings to himself..
coz i really didn't know what to do or say if he let it out to me..
i thought hard as to how to respond to him..
and finally, when the time came, my mind went blank.
in the end, i had to say no coz i honestly didn't get the same feeling.
was a bit heartbroken to say no to him coz i didn't wanna hurt his feelings..
we are in fact friends..
he was okay but a bit hurt..
well, it's natural to get hurt when someone rejects you..
was kinda glad that it was settled..


he's still keeping his hopes up..
and i think i just boost that hope up for him..
coz i agreed to go out with him last night..
damn, why did i do that? i've no idea.
and now he's like all over the place about it.
he's so happy and all and talking about how his sister and father are suspecting things and all..
and now i'm getting teases from my friends who saw both of us last night.
yea, he's having his share too from his friends and family..
but i think he likes it..but not for me.
a bit tension now..
sould really like to talk it out and settle it once and for all..
but i don't really have the guts to do it.

i guess all i can do now is just hope and pray that someone will come in my way and take me away..hehe..but make sure it's someone i really like.
hehe..i sounded a bit greedy. ekekke..

well i don't wanna lie to myself and to him by giving him a 2nd chance.
and you know what's worse?
i think i'm having this 2nd thoughts of giving him that chance!
and oh yea, forgot to mention this, and you know why above all things i don't wanna be with him? it's coz i like his friend. rather close friend.
damn. i'm fishing another guy but the wrong guy took the bait. wrong aim indeed.
*sigh* but the one i like never make any move on me. that makes me hate him sometimes. haha.. but of course he doesn't know it. so would be stupid if i hate him blindly without letting him know that i like him which i will never gonna do now that his friend has confessed to me. that's just not right. *big sigh*
i shouldn't be thinking all this now. i got midterm tests coming up. but can't help it. it bothers my mind sometimes. but now i'm beginning to think less and less about it.

we'll just have to see how things go for now..

k now bloggie. tata.

miss confused.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Back To School

Dear Blog,

hey, once again, been awhile since i've been here.
just for the record, i'm no longer in Melaka campus..
i've moved out to Cyberjaya campus for my Bachelor years.

this place is like a dead city.
less plants, less ppl, less nearby eateries..
and worst of all..
all of my "geng karas" or good friends are staying in melaka.
therefore, it comes to less good friends..
ever since i got here, been hanging out much with Aizat, Danny, Lionel them all..
which is a bit odd at first, cause we've never hung out before
back in our Alpha year.
turns out, they're not that bad after all..
glad to have them as my new acquaintances.

and FYI, i just got back my CPU recently..
and ever since that, i've been on the net non-stop..
haven't done any studying yet..damn~
and gosh, look at my roommate, she's reading her notes now!
i should be doing that too since my 1st test is next week.Dough!
huhu..please take me away from this internet addiction. haha
i've downloaded quite a number of movies from our hostel server.
it downloads movies real fast! watched 2 movies so far. haha

for an unrelated story,
i went to melaka last week.
i went there simply to see my good ol' friends..
really miss em so much..
i met up with Lat, Mel, Sya, Bala, Roy, Hema and others
which i can't really recall. hehe..
we went to wach Transformers at the new cineplex nearby campus.
they have cineplex now! damn.
well, jo was supposed to come down with me to melaka
but he got sick and so he couldn't come.
therefore, what happened is, i had to go back alone
from Melaka to Cyber.
was a bit scared at first coz i've never been to kl alone..
what's more to travel and find my way back alone to campus!
anyway, i made it without getting lost at all.
was very proud of myself. haha.
at least now i know how to get to melaka-cyber and cyber-melaka

oh well, guess this entry is getting a bit too long already.
should stop now. and Sya, if you're reading this..
sudah2 la baca.. hahahha~

okay, turrah~