Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad

See how great a lady she was. How intelligent she was and how beautiful her heart was.. how I wish all of us could think and see things the way she did.. Now that she's gone, we have lost one of our most precious pearls. May her soul rest in peace and may her legacy continues through her works, family, friends and all the people who have worked with her.. You will always be remembered Yasmin Ahmad for you have made us proud. Your country will now realize what they have really been missing all these years. I wish to apologize on behalf of those who did not appreciate what you were trying to do and thank you for your guts, courage, love and beautiful films. You have brought people of all races and religions together. You are the epitome of how a Malaysian should be like in order to live in peace and harmony in this multiracial country. It is devastating that you have to leave us so suddenly when we desperately need more people like yourself which this country is obviously lacking. You will truly be missed and remembered by people from all walks of life around the world. You are an inspiration to a great number of us and your works will be forever in our hearts.

RIP Yasmin Ahmad, the storyteller with a gentle heart & soul.
(July 1, 1958 - July 25, 2009)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Those are pictures of my campus area. Yea, my campus is a misty place with fresh air all around despite its location in the middle of a practically deserted place. We have to wear sweaters or thick clothes to go to class because it's that cold.


Pfft, misty my ass. That's no mist, that's all bloody HAZE! gademit.

All this haze is making my body all sticky and uncomfortable to breathe. Such a nice touch to the swine influenza pandemic . Very nice, good goin' humans. We're doing a great job for our part in making this world a better place to live *thumbs up*.

And this is the most recent one. Just took it moments ago from my bedroom window. Look how bad it is. Oh my.

Can't wait for this haze to disperse. It's driving me somewhat mad.

I miss the good air at home now.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blog Walking.

hmm.. getting slightly bored now. Looking through friends, family and relatives' blogs while waiting for Natalie them all to pick me up which they said they would around 3pm. Reading through others' blogs makes me feel like I'm not living my life to the fullest yet. I gotta start to do so. I don't wanna be one of those who regret in their later years for not enjoying their youth days to the max. I don't know when I'm gonna start but I'm guessing it would be a slow start. That's okay for me. Confidence and courage is all I need.. and also love and support from loved ones.

Okay, Natalie just texted. They're leaving Jojo's house now.

For an unrelated note: Zella, sa mimpi ko mo kawin suda. Btul ka tu? haha

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Feel Like A Genius.

So I was figuring a way to keep my circuit board in a more secure place rather than in a plastic bag. And there it was lying insignificantly on the bookshelf - my empty tissue box which I should have thrown away days ago. Guess that happened for a reason.... which is exactly what this entry is all about. So anyway, I took the tissue box and creatively stared at it for some time, and *ting!* a bright idea came into mind. So I started cutting up the box and made a simple open-and-close box. I tried putting in the circuit board inside, and what d'ya know, it fitted perfectly!. I felt like I had just invented a wonderful machine. I felt so intelligent. Of course, it's not any high-tech machine or anything, but because of its high convenience amidst its simplicity(and not to mention cheap) that makes it great! haha. mengada2. Anyways, here is the "invention"!

tadaaa...~! hahahah

And here's when it's closed(I know, as if it's so hard to imagine right? But just bear with me please. haha)

What's more, you can peek on the inside too!

Front view

It's so convenient, you can carry it anywhere without fearing of damaging your circuit board and components! Come on, try it at home~ hahaha..

Sakai oh ni anak.. haha.. well this pleasures me and it's my blog ain't it..? haha~ Alright, that's the end of my invention.. Bye~

*PREMIER tissue(100 pulls/ two ply; recyclable), I just gave you a free promo. You owe me one.