Thursday, October 18, 2007

wee... another get-together

Dear Blog,

wowie..~ just now i got to meet up with some of my friends. specifically, they were achul, awang, nizar, tya, fendy, qayyum, zella and two of her friends, izza and her sis, farah. this little get-together was suggested by zella in the 1st place by the way.

anyway, nizar voluntarily fetched me up from my house after fetching achul and awang at theirs with his little white Kancil Perodua. then on our way to our destination, achul spotted a familiar red kancil on the left lane..turned out, it was qayyum! he was on his way back to his place. since it's been ages since we last saw him, we invited him to join us. we followed him to his house and then after he parked his car and dropped his family, he hopped into the car with us.

initially, the plan was to go hangout at Jesselton Point, but turned out that place was so dull and there weren't many people around. so we had a change of plan and wanted to go to tanjung aru.. but before we could do that, we would have to wait for tya, fendy and zella to come 1st because they were already reaching Jesselton Point. tya and fendy came not long after that.. followed by azella and 3 or her friends, izza, and the twins, afiqa and shit, i forgot the name. haha. after all was there, we made the decision to go to Tg Aru instead, but the twins couldn't join us because their brother wouldn't let them. moving on, izza's sister came to pick up azella and izza from there to tg aru while achul and awang joined fendy and tya, and i with qayyum and nizar.

reached tg aru..went at one of the kedai there.. duduk2 la tumpang mknan yg kna bli oleh drg c izza earlier from a stall(although at the restaurant there it clearly says "no outside food and drinks allowed".. tp paduli. hahah). and the rest of us only ordered drinks. my chocolate milkshake took a very long time to come. silaka btul. bila ku bilang cancel, baru knun pndai dtg tu minuman. nasib sadap. haha.

after that, nizar and i suggested to feast on some durians before we all go back. apa lagi, ada kan tu gerai durian sana ujung tu. haha.. so we bought some 4 small durians for RM28. we ate the durians by the beach near one of the small stairs there.. haha. mcm anak pelarian ni mkn2 durian. akkakka.. was quite fun actually. the guys were damn funny. awang with his lame joke("why does a banana go to c the doctor? -- because it's not PEELING very well" LOL!) and achul with his own("apa ada 8 kaki, 2 tangan, 3 kpala, sama 1 pasang sayap? -- orang naik kuda bawa ayam" ahhaha.. buduuu)

the durian session ended our little get-together. we managed to snap some few pics.. bid azella and his friends farewell and went on with our ways. nizar sent each of us back to our house and he also just found out that his car has a highlight. aduiii... kin malu ooo... brabis ni kna kasi katawa. akkaka. anyway, said goodbye to him and wouldn't be seeing him until next year i think.. huhu..

all in all, it was very fun. we talked a lot about everything in tg aru. especially with nizar and achul. haha. me and achul even got the chance to talk to nizar's gf(which is Joyce also btw. lol) over the phone! hahaha..

hah.. this small gathering reminds me of how much i really miss hanging out with them.. just wish that everyone was there though..

oh yea! achul plans to have a roadtrip for next year's break! within april-june.. hope everyone can make it! even myself.. hoho.. really looking forward to it!! getting all excited already.. hahaha..

wokei, till..then.. byebye ~!

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