Monday, December 14, 2009

The Gossip and SMD

Was hanging out with Achul, Lena, Nizar, Richard, Lionel and Hanif last night when the projector screen was showing this quite obese woman jumping and dancing around in what looked like a VERY tight glittery jumpsuit which showed every inch of her body while doing a cover of the very popular song, Careless Whisper in her own style. I admit her size and jumpsuit was what took my attention away from Achul and Nizar's neverending joke-telling. But what amazed me next when I paid more attention to her were the energy and the wonderful voice she had and how she totally modified Careless Whisper into something else. Some people say that she's like a cross of Mama Cass and Janis Joplin and I do agree so too. This gutsy, talented and energetic woman is Beth Ditto of the band The Gossip. I don't know how to tell more of her in words as I am not very good with literary or such. So I best show you a video of her singing Careless Whisper live. Didn't manage to find the clip I saw last night though, but this will do. We need more singers like her..!

While browsing through her songs and videos on Youtube, I discovered about Simian Mobile Disco(SMD), a remix team. They have one song featuring Beth Ditto which sounds very house to me, the kind of house music that I totally dig unlike the very much techno-ish house music these days. Here's that awesome tune:

It will take some time for me to get bored of that song. I just love it.

This is another amazing beat from SMD. Don't skip through the song; follow through right from the very beginning until the end. Close your eyes and feel the beat! awesome.

That's a masterpiece right there.

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