Thursday, July 15, 2010

Me and My Dreams...

Couple of days ago the Grim Reaper came into my dream. The dream goes something like this..

Both of us are in the dining room of my house in KK. I don't remember why but the Grim Reaper opens the sliding door which leads to the back corridor and goes out.. I of course tail it.. (who wouldn't?? You don't get to see the Grim Reaper all the time right??). It's raining outside.. and there's a small house(really small, u know like a guard house) where my Rambutan tree is planted at in real life. Anyway, when I'm already out at the back corridor, the Grim Reaper has already gone into that small house. I can see him there standing behind the window with his mildly flaming glowing eyes either staring back at me or at the house. I'm not sure.
It tickles me to see that there's a Grim Reaper behind the window as if taking shelter from the rain. I don't know what's wrong with me but I find that picture kinda hilarious. It's THE GRIM REAPER! Grim Reaper doesn't take shelters from rain! Maybe the rain is putting off the flame in its eyes, I tell myself. Which makes me giggles. So I go back into the house and find Danny there. I run up to him while giggling and tell him of the Grim Reaper's whereabout and of my funny thought. Basically I'm making fun of it.
While I'm joyfully making fun of it, suddenly there's a burning sensation starting from my forefinger and in my mind I'm like "oh gosh, he's behind me isn't he?", and I turn back and true to my thought, it is there behind me by the sliding door. But this time its eyes are flaming with fire and I quickly apologized, and the burning sensation is gone. I hurriedly rush Danny to the door to leave the house.. and making fun of the situation yet again while I am at it. Deservingly enough for me who doesn't seem to have had it, the Grim Reaper is at me again.. this time with more intense burning sensation on my right hand and it approaches me closer and closer.. until he finally gets me by the door right after Danny leaves. My right hand is within its grasp.. I don't see him grasping me but it feels like it's on fire. I apologized to it profusely and keep on begging it to stop. It doesn't seem to wanna stop so I start praying instead..

...and that was when I woke up from that dream and found myself frozen. I couldn't move. Tried calling for Lionel but I wasn't able to. So I just stayed quite and kept calm and tried to get back to sleep.. because I knew it wouldn't be long as I've experienced it few times before. It's always like that whenever I have weird and bad dreams. This dream wasn't scary at all for me though. More like a casual dream.... well maybe just a tiny bit more than casual.

For a more latest update, I received a free Google T-shirt for participating in "Google Day at MMU". Weehee.. I participated mainly for the T-shirt by the way. They only required me to make a voice recording of reading 500 Malay words or sentence. Some words were just obscene and funny like "perempuan baju ketat" and "(some actress's name) tidak pakai bra". I was trying hard not to laugh the whole time.. especially when there were these two chinese people reading in all seriousness when suddenly you heard either of them read something obscene in BM which I didn't think they understand. Anyway, it's just some project by Google to collect voice samples from native Malay speakers. Here read this, it's clearer:

Google Day at MMU

Over the course of 3 days next month, Google will be in MMU to host a Google Day consisting of seminars in conjunction with their ‘Word of Mouth’ project. The event which runs from the 14th to 16th of July will be all day events organised jointly by FCM and the Google Speech DataOps team. During these 3 days, the Google team together with a network of students and volunteers from MMU will collect voice samples of local dialects for speech recognition research. There will also be free lectures and Q&A sessions given by Googlers on topics such as maps API, open source, leveraging social networks and developing communities. The aim of the ‘Word of Mouth’ project is to collect voice samples from 500+ native Malay speakers. Participants need only read 500 Malay prompts which will be displayed on an Android phone and each session should last not more than 30-40 minutes. In return for participation, those who complete the session will be given a special Google t-shirt as a sign of appreciation.

and here's the t-shirt! Sorry I was too lazy to take it out from the plastic.


Natalie Louise said...

cool dream haha. vivid jg ko boleh ingat! lol

Joy said...

yea.. coz sa trus kasi crita sma org after that.. my way of trying to remember the dream. haha