Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Year 2011

Dear Blog,

A couple of days before Christmas 2010, I was greeted with Lionel's uncle's death due to stroke, while the new year 2011 has greeted me with me another funeral - I got a call from Lionel at 7AM today informing me that our friend, Belle's father has passed away earlier. I could not believe what I heard and it was more like a dream because Lionel and I had just met Belle earlier around 12AM and she told us how her father had been sick for few weeks and that they were going to the hospital the next day only.

If it felt like a dream for me getting that call, imagine how it was for her when her sister shook her up from her sleep to tell her the news.

She said it felt unreal, like it was a dream. She immediately left for her home, sent by her housemate. She wasn't able to drive.

So we all went to her house later that day, to pay our last respect - but more like for the sake of being there for her. We all know that Belle is a very sensitive person and we can't let her go through this on her own. But I have to say, her elder and younger sisters were very strong and composed. It is always good to have strong ones in the family in times like these. I could see that the mother was trying hard not to totally breakdown and try handling the situation, but she did give in few times. I just can't stand seeing the tears of the family of the departed one... it just makes want to cry.

And I can't help but to think how the same situation could happen to me as well. I can't stand the thought of losing any member of my family, even more so my parents. Sigh. I pray for the Lord to protect them at all cost.

I also pray for the souls of Lionel's uncle and Belle's father. May their soul rest in peace and may God have mercy on them. I pray for their family and friends as well to help them go through their loss. May they be strong and comforted through His grace. Amen.


Cherrying Fuse said...

like like

BellaSalim said...

thanks joyce.
for being there...for the prayers:)

p/s:its true in my family im the crybaby.hee..