Thursday, February 8, 2007


Dear blog,

CNY is approaching...decided not to go back home because of expensive plane tickets due to this coming chinese new year...gonna go waste my cny holiday at a cousin's place in KL with some other cousins joining in...kinda sad that i can't go to celebrate back at home...was looking forward to go back earlier until i saw the price of the plane tickets...and all hopes turned into ashes...panicked for awhile after knowing that i couldn't go back and that means i have to spend my cny holiday alone here in my apartment since Lat is gonna leave for her cousin's place in Penang...calls from dad few times for confirmation whether or not i wanna go back...sms's from sis Grace on whether i'd like to join her and her bf for cny in the end, i resorted to call my cousin who's in malacca as well and asked of her plans for cny...she was gonna go to our cousin's place in KL and she(my cousin) asked me to go as well and i that was how i ended up going to my cousin's place in KL...thus, be on my way to KL next friday, 16th of Feb by bus at 2pm...huhuhu...hope all will go well...hurmm...~

ciao bloggie..

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