Friday, January 19, 2007

Sabah Agriculture Park

Dear Blog,

I followed my dad to Keningau again for the second time for the following week.
That was on Monday, stayed there until Thursday.
Anyway, dad brought me to Tenom for a quick trip since I had whined few days before that I've never been to Tenom. It was an approximately two-hour ride.
When we reached Tenom, dad headed straight to the Sabah Agriculture Park farther in.
I had earlier thought that the place will be filled with tourists or locals even, but when we finally reached there, the place was kind of dull and lifeless. Not too much of a tourist-attracting place.

Initially, there were only me and my dad. But later on, a group of tourists, which I guessed from Bangladesh or Pakistan or some place where the people have strong features on their faces; big eyes, with dark and thick eye lashes and eyebrows, prominent nose, hairy bodies, and etc. Anyway, Our timing was just right, a train-like cart was to arrived at 12.30pm to tour us around the park and we got there around 12.05pm. Nice right? I know. hahaha.

It was 12.30pm, and right before we took off, a mid-aged lady(which I later found out was from The Phils), which was accompanied by a little-more-than-mid-aged-local chinese guy joined us.

Our tour was guided by Alexius. And he was a GREAT tour guide. He knows everything about the park, which made our tour in the park the more interesting. Only me, the friendly Filipino lady and the chinese guy were loyally following him, listening, learning to everything Alexius says about the plants there. As for my dad, he was too lazy to go tour with me as he had already been there with my mom before this. The Banghla or Pakistani or I dunno on the other hand, went their own ways, taking pitures with the plants, sitting around doing nothing. No point at all going there if they just wanna take pictures without really trying to learn and know more about all those plants around them.

Anyway, I only managed to snap four pictures when my camera ran out of batteries. I was devastated. And a shortwhile after that, the Filipino lady's(sorry, for keep on repeating "Filipino lady". I forgot to get her name) camera ran out of batteries as well. It was disheartening. REALLY. But we didn't let that bother our tour.
After being amazed at all kinds of weird and beautiful plants with weird names, with thorough explanations by our oh so entertaining and informative guide, we ended our "walk in the park" with a walk in the fruit park or garden. We were allowed to eat the fruits there and that was awesome! I even got to eat some fruits that I've never seen, tasted and heard before.

Finally, after the fruit garden, we headed back home. Said goodbye to the Filipino lady, thanked Alexius and then we were on our way back home. I would love to go there again someday as this trip was not that satisfying, for I were not able to bring many pictures home. Next time, I'm gonna make sure my cam's batteries are fully recharged.

p/s: I feel a bit lame writing this entry, as I've written the same topic in my friendster blog. But I just feel like I have to blog it down here as well. I would feel "incomplete" if I didn't. hahah. What am I crapping about man? LOL.


Below are another 3 remaining pictures that I managed to take; 2 orchids and one weird plant:


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