Monday, April 9, 2007


dear blog,

hey long time didn't jot words in here.
just wanna say that i'm getting lazier for this semester..
dunno why..but yea, lazier. i mean, extremely lazy..
when i say lazy, i mean it in terms of study..
but in terms of relaxing or enjoying, i'm never lazy to do that..
been hanging out much with some of the guys in class now..
having supper for almost every night..
too often that i think i'm putting on some weight now..
and i think i'm calling it a rest for awhile..
so no frequent supper for me for sometime..

ok about studies..
not doing that seriously not well..
just failed my physics test..
and chemistry paper is tomorrow..don't think i can do it..
i don't know a shit about chem man..
at least i know something about physics..but zilch for chemistry..
that's why i'm so doomed.
haih..hope it would go well, although i doubt that.

mkay, i guess that's all..all i can say for 3rd sem is..
LOVING IT..(not in terms of study, of course) haha

k have a class to go to.

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