Friday, May 4, 2007

Exam Mode, ON

hullo Bloggie,

don't really have anything interesting to say here..
just that i've just finished having my written physics lab test.
twas kinda hard. well of course it was since i didn't prepare well for it haha's a bit too late to regret now.

the rest of my final papers are gonne be in another 2-week time.
dunno if i can manage to study everything witihin that limited time.
wanna ask God for help, but dunno if He'll answer or even listen to my prayer..
i haven't been goin to church for 3 weeks now, u see? hehe =P

but, i'm still gonna try my luck
who knows He'll pity me and help me a bit..? hehe..
ahh..wishful thinking. none wrong with that right?
everyone has wishful thinking.

hurm..i'm seriously feeling bored now..
feel like going out, as in going out to town or simply joyride..
i miss night-joyrides..
wanna go jamming, even though i'm not that good at musical instruments.
but then again, i never played any instrument during jamming. haha.
my job is only to sing and boy do i miss that.
will definitely go jam our hearts out with my friends...
when i got back home for this sem break that is.

gosh, exam hasn't ended yet, or started even.
and here i am planning what to do for my holidays. haha
bad habits die hard they say. Amen to that.

wokey, dunno what else to say here.
heck, i didn't even know what to say in the 1st place.
simply wanna fill more entries for this blog. hahha
oh and for the sake of updating this blog besides killing my boredom

p/s: i'm afraid mr baldy have found out about this blog. well, dunno for sure, but something tells me he did. so, let's just pray the old entry about you-know-what still go unnoticed. heh..

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