Wednesday, September 19, 2007

bye bye bebehh~

dear blog,

on sept 17th, Aizat and i went to KLIA together for he had his own friend flying off to Ireland and i had Christina flying over to Russia, both on the same night. we reached KLIA around 9.30pm and we separated to our own ways; aizat to his friend, i to christina.. she was quite busy when i caught up with her. lots of official stuff she was handling.. didn't dare to disturb her at that moment. when she was finally finished dealing with whatever she was dealing, we went to a chocolate haven and since i didn't get her anything, i thought better at least give her some chocs.. well apparently that always works. haha. dissapointingly, she only picked out one pack of M&M's that only cost some RM14 when my budget for her lil "choc-spree" was 50 bucks! haha. chris..chris..nda bijak mengambil peluang kau neh.. hahaha.. so being unsatisfied and dissapointed with her choice, i grabbed one pack of hershey's dark choc kisses.. har har.. at least now she has 2 packs of chocs to eat in memory of me over there in Russia. LOL~ anyway, we didn't get to talk and hang out much because she was a bit out of focus and busy that night.. she was too busy focusing on nothing else other than the butterflies in her tummy. haha. she was so nervous at the thought of her long journey to Russia and the anticipation of her new life there as well. but at least i managed to hug and bid her well of tears could burst at any minute then when we hugged to say goodbye but she asked me not to, and therefore i didn't. haha. aizat and i left the airport at 11pm because we needed to catch the train and bus.. so, didn't get to stay until her boarding time which was at 12.30am...and last i heard, she was at Russia airport already. it was her bro, Matt who told me.. *big sigh* i don't have anyone to random call or text msg whenever i've nothing else better to do anymore... think it's high time for me to get a boyfriend. hahahahahah...haih... shit, emo time! haha. and the song i'm listening to now isn't helping at all! it's so mellow and all mushy2... damn you jack johnson. haha. alritey then, guess this is it. will pray that everything will go well for her there..~

MISHING U ALREADY BEBEHH~~~ uhuhuhuh.... :'(

see ya next year!! hope you can go online soon!~

this pic wasn't taken on her departure day by the way. this was taken few days before that.. will upload the ones taken at the airport..which is with chris! so gonna have to wait for her to go online first and give them to me. hahhaa..

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