Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chiling Waterfalls

Dear Blog,

31st Aug, Merdeka Day, we had a day trip to Chiling waterfalls. There were 11 of us--me, sis Grace, sis Inden, cuz Abet, Ervina, Ah Fan, Vincent, Amy, Barry, Audra and Edgar. The trip was quite interesting. We had to do some jungle trekking to get to the waterfall. The trekking was not that tough and tiring, but i didn't have all the energy i needed because of lack of sleep--i didn't sleep the day before. hehe. Anyway, we had to cross some 5 rivers(5 or 6)! and it was exhilirating for me because i've never done jungle trekking where i have to cross rivers and stuff before. I can't really approximate how long did it take for us to reach the waterfall, but i think it was about 20 mins? well, maybe. Not sure. I was a bit out of focus the whole time
When we finally reached there, it was a relief for all of us. The waterfall was quite nice actually... but that day was really not our day because there were a lot of people besides us! was a bit dissapointing. but we conquered the place soon after. haha.

Then all of us took a dip in the pool.. and the water was damn cold! but i forced myself to stay in it. I had quite a fun especially when i made a dive into the water from the rocks! well...actually my dive didn't really turned out to be a dive. Okay, imagine you throw a piece of plank horizontally into the water and how it slams onto the water surface? yup, that's kinda how my dive was. hahahha! Kinda embarassing since there were other people there as well.. and not to mention some cute guys too! but i just laughed it off. hahaha.

I think i got sunburn from the combination of water and sun. My arms and thighs were the colour of roasted prawns. But i tried to shelter my face as much as i can because i tend to get dark easily. huhu..

Then it was time to go back..
felt like i didn't wanna go back at that time when i thought of how far away we had to walk back to the cars.. when going back, i seriously felt like i just wanna knock myself into the river and sleep. haha. Well, we made it back and i got blisters near my left ankle from the damn shoe. It was a nice trip though and we managed to take a lot of pics! as usual..the photos are as follows:

one of the rivers that we had to cross..

Sis Grace taking a piss in the river. wakakaka!

Ervina, 2nd person to take a piss in the river. LMAO!

there's a lot of fish there swimming with you!

hoho..the rocks i talked about. I'm not in the pic because i was still gathering up my courage to get there.. haha

i like this pic--Audra and Barry

Abet, Er, me and Sis Inden

Sumandaks!!-- Audra, Amy and Ervina

Sis Grace's hubby, Vincent

The Chenta's--Sis Grace & Ervina

Er and Ah Fan

Edgar and Barry

Sisters yo~ haha

woohoo~ look at my back! haha.-- Abet, Inden and moi

after a tiring hike. ME PEACE OUT! hahahha~

the whole group..

wuhu~... so many pics! hope u enjoyed em!



christina said...

kewlll... i wanna go on a hike too! take me with you *jumps2* hehe. cantik o tu tmpat joi.. nice read... keep em coming bebeh~

Joy said...

wawawa...~ ba apa lai..poring kita! akkakka~ ok..gonna read urs now. haha