Sunday, March 9, 2008


Dear Blog,

gosh... my last two entries are so EMO and I never realized it until I went through them again just now. hahahaha! It's funny because it's a bit ironic for me to be all emo in my blog since I've been teasing a lot of emo kids lately. HAHA!

But being emo is not bad after all, emo-time is the time where you think about everything more deeply and emotionally(LOL!). Just don't show it too much to people for they might get irritated and annoyed and will consequently isolate you, which will boost further your emo-ness. wahahah!

so people, get an alone time of yourself in your room and be emo as long as you want but make sure to keep away the emo-ness once you get out of the room and try to be normal like everyone else. you're not the only one with problems. just think it that way.



Crazy Motherfucker said...

Hey it's okay to be emo la. If you're not emo then maybe you're dead la. No feelings.hahaha. I agree with your third paragraph. hahaha.

Joy said...

wahaha.. yea i know. its okay. but i cant help but to laugh at myself being sooo emo.. hahahhhaa..

Hafiz Halim said...

ohhhh...poor joyce :(