Sunday, April 13, 2008

Little Update


Been too busy with my new "possesion" that I've forgotten to update you with my stories. Well, since I've just read Hafiz's little blog(which is quite funny), I might as well update mine with a little something too. hoho.

Anyway, referring to the "Toughen Up" entry, that's been settled. My so-called walls are now torn down for my significant other. Oh yea, and yes, we're now official and I'm lovin every bits of it.

He is my new "possesion" and bestfriend, second to Christina of course. hehe.
sa masih ingat ba kau bebeh. jan ko risau. hahah.

He's such a pleasant distraction. haha.

Okay, that's all, don't wanna be all mushy-mushy here.
Just thought of updating you~ muehehhe..
till then, tata ~


Anonymous said...

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Joy said...

hey thanx. never thought my blog would ever be interesting to anyone. haha. n yea sure, will drop by your blog. thanx again yea.

Jerry said...

other half? new obsession? Is there something im missing here?

Joy said...

muahhahahha~~~ yes jerry.. ekekeke.

christina said...

joy n ___ (fill in the blanks) sitting in a tree~
wakakkaa.. i sound so bratty-like..
neway take k of the new possesion hehe~

christina said...

u! u! u mentioned me pla in ur blog hehe.. ya butulll tu.. im still top priority~ doncha porget it~ haha

Joy said...

ngohoho.. of chos ur still my top priority u brat. hahaha..