Tuesday, June 3, 2008


For goodness sake, I need to take a crap badly! Had too much to eat yesterday! It's excruciating. I need to get everything out of my system fast! hahahha. Sudah la last nite I went to someone-that-i-totally-don't-know's birthday party n MAKAANNN my nite away. We even had moginum session. And I think I ate more than I drink(sa ingt kunun2 if i eat and drink a lot that night i can then easily "pass motion" ewah! haha. skali tingu, manada! lol). Minum sikit, makan, minum sikit, makan. I brought the pusas for all of us to eat but it ended up only me finishing off all the food(teda la, actly ada jua la drg mkn, but it was mostly me haha). Cilaka ba durang, bkn pndai mkn, jahat btul. I just can't stand the sight of leftovers. LOL. Sayang ba tu makanan! omg, I sounded so... what's the word ar? dunno la. But mcm pemikiran kampung btul ni. wakaka. Tapi paduli. I don't care what you say, I got free food and that's all that matters(oh man, now that's CHEAP. hahahabuduss)

Anyway, I got tipsy last night. And yes, I was well aware of the effect alcohol can do to me. But once again, PADULI la. Bukan slalu. haha. We only had 1 bottle of gin & lemon. I didn't think I could get tipsy out of only that crap. Cewah, mcm pro knun minum, pndai2 suda cakap mcm tu. hahaha. There were only 4 of us; Nanai, Enten, Popong and myself, there sitting in a circle on the floor with newspapers as our 'alas', and 1 tersasar(c Zai) sana tepi coz she didn't wanna drink knun. Nanai was the 'sikir'(apparently it's a dusun word for the person who's in charge of pouring drinks for the people. pendek kata, tukang kasi mabuk urang la haha). She and Popong concocted 1 jug of lemon & gin with slices of lemons and soda. Bulih thn jua la rasa dia. At least i could still down it. eseh! haha. We went by rounds, finishing up each drink by turns. After filling up the jug for the 2nd time, Popong and Enten started to feel heavy-headed and left only me and Nanai to finish it off. During the 2nd jug only i felt dizzy(couldn't really walk straight) and started to talk, laugh and even sing a lot. haha. In the end, we only got to finish up one bottle as Popong and I got curfew until 12am only and Zai needed to jaga ayam at 1am haha and Enten pula stangah tiang suda. haha.

As a conclusion, I had fun. lol.

And now here I am the very next day itself, having red n white spots all over my body. I look like a world map. haha. Yes, I'm allergic to alcohol, but I'm still insistingly trying to get immune of it. I don't care, I wanna be able to drink without having this darn allergy. huhu

And ondu, i'm still waiting for our moginum session together. haha.

P/S: I've gained few kilos over this 1 week(o yea, I'm on my 3-week holiday now hehe). damn. apa tidak, I stuff myself with food almost everyday. This is what home with food everywhere and with lack of discipline to avoid their temptation does to you. haha. I look like someone's mom now. Well, OK, maybe I exaggerated that part a bit. Just feeling slightly paranoid. haha.

Alritey then, that's all for an update..

Nanai, Popong, Enten, Ojoy, Zai

a portion of the "world map"


Jerry said...

Pandai minum suda anak si poh meng ni... Basar suda dia¬ Wakaka...

Joy said...

wakakak kitai. bkn poh meng baa.. pog MING baaa .. smpai skg masih lagi slh2. apa ni anak fowzi.

Joy said...

silap2. typo2. POH MING. bkn pog ming. hahah