Saturday, July 26, 2008


Damn, these Thai Life Insurance commercials sure are damn good 'cause they made me cry after watching them. Haha. Seriously. Here let me share them with you..


"My Girl"

"My Son"

"Marry Me" - this one is done for Valentine's day


"Grandpa" - I like this one, it's very sweet

Okay those are the only ones that I've watched. Not sure if there are more, but you could search yourself in Youtube if you want to. hehe.

Alritey, enough sad and touching clips. Here are some funny Thai Smart Purse commercials I found along the way to help dry up those tears. haha.



bah, tu ja la..

The End. haha.


elephantgoeswild said...

joy sedih oo yg daddy 2. nangis o sia tgk.

Joy said...

kan?? sa tau.. huhu

christina said...

joy.. ;,,( benci sy.. ya.. yg daddy commercial tu plg sedih..

Joy said...

sa punn.....huhuh