Sunday, July 20, 2008

CCIP '08

Dear blog,

about two weeks ago, which was on 7th july to be exact, we had this one pretty big event going on in my campus. It was the Cross Cultural Integration Program '08 or CCIP, where cultures from different countries get to show their colors, traditions and such. There were those from Iran, Indonesia, Libya(if I'm not mistaken) and some others that I might have missed. There was of course our very own local divisions which were Indian, Chinese, Malay and East Malaysian divisions. Obviously, I joined East Malaysian Division. It's quite big that it's a 4-day event.. booths were set up everywhere inside our campus. Anyway, I joined the performance department where I had to do the Sumazau dance and the Magunatip or bamboo dance. Sumazau was performed for the opening day of the event, which was in the morning and the Magunatip was for the opening night. The Sumazau I could still handle it, but the Magunatip.... gosh, you don't know how much I sucked during practices and even rehearsal. I actually did worst during full rehearsal! which was 1 day before the real thing. But no worries, I managed to pull it off during the opening night. phew~ thank God the only time I got it right was during the real thing. Well during the entire event, I had fun, especially with the Indonesian booth was just opposite our booth. So, we, the "Borneons" were quite happening, because we actually integrate and interact with each other. Oh yea, you should've watched them perform during the opening night man.. they were friggin' AWESOME! like, seriously.. they had full fancy costumes sponsored by their country! And to match with their fancy costumes, the girls... oh my goodness, they can really dance too.. the sponsors didn't go to waste. Sorry, I don't have any videos of them performing, I don't even have our video performing the bamboo dance. haha. hmmm.. what else? Suddenly I'm out of idea to blog. Anyhoo, I think that's basically it. haha. Well, there are some more details.. but I'm really lazy to describe and type them all out here. haha. I got few pictures taken during the event though.. hehe.. here they are..

CCIP opening night

cheap hand-made sumpit board haha

ngkromong playing

magunatip air-walk

East Malaysians

the whole East Malaysian division crew

East Malaysians & Indonesians

the Indonesian pregnant lady ceremony, Mintoni

fellow Indonesians from the opposite booth

Indonesians on magunatip

As you can see, there are a lot of pictures of us and the Indonesians. Like I said just now, their booth was just opposite us and we interact a lot with each other.. they are some cool bunch of people~ haha.

Alritey, think that's all for this entry.. and here's a video of us practicing the Sumazau dance for the opening day.

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