Thursday, May 14, 2009

That Time of Year Again.

Hullo-mullo Bloggie,

Okay, putting aside my holiday idea with the Gingkaras , just a little update here.. I'm actually having my study week now, it's only a matter of days to final exam. May 18th which is this coming Monday. Studying progress is slow, been going to the library 'till wee hours of the morning and having trouble sleeping. Being a little bit of an insomniac I supposed. It really sucks because I really really really want to get enough sleep.

Oh, and the rain has FINALLY made a comeback! yeay. hehe. But the rain last night was a bit too much, all cats and dogs. It caused a small flood up to my ankle. Again, I couldn't get any sleep last night, and Dayze was awaken by the sound of the monsterous thunder. Both of us couldn't get any sleep after that and so we watched a ghost movie entitled "Moui". It's a Korean movie, the film locations are in Korea and also Vietnam. The movie was pretty good - Recommended. And you know what other movie you should watch? The Uninvited. Not the latest movie but for those who've never watched it yet, it's highly recommended too.

Well anyways, Dayze had just left for Indonesia with Aaron earlier this morning at 9 something in the morning. A short vacation which only gonna be about three days. Wish I could have one too, but exams *sigh*

Alright then, I guess that's all. Gotta hit the library again. Ciaos people..~


NatheRiot said...

Eee The uninvited x best! xD
haha all the best exam dong! =D

Joy said...

i knw knapa ko ckp x best, coz u peed urself watching hahhaha

NatheRiot said...

Noo Haha sy x feel pun hahaha.