Monday, June 8, 2009

Balik Kampung

Well Bloggie, mom was admitted to the hospital for one night last Friday. Don't worry, nothing too serious. Anyway, we took turns accompanying her at the hospital. She's home now, but need to check up on her from time to time; can't really leave her alone too much, in case something happens *touch wood*. Oh no, she's not bedridden. huh.

There was a cousin's wedding reception the next day at my dad's hometown(a.k.a kampung), and since mom couldn't attend it with dad, I had to go on behalf of her. And thus, I had to cancel my island trip with friends on Sunday(sorry friends for the let-down). While on the way to Ranau, I managed to camwhore but mostly took pictures of the undeniably majestic Mount Kinabalu. I couldn't resist from taking pictures of the mountain; the sky was so clear that you could actually see the mountain terrains..and the long and narrow white line of a waterfall cascading down the steep mountain side. It never fails to amaze me, that mountain. But the main reason that triggered me to take tons of photos(in hopes of getting the perfect shot) of the mountain was because of the umbrella-looking cloud over the mountain top. I've seen that type of cloud in a picture of some mountain on the internet during one of my internet-surfing times before, and amazed by it very much. So to actually see it right infront of my very own eyes was like whoah! sakai. hahah. It was this picture that I'm talking about:

I know, ain't that a sight to behold. Apparently that type of cloud is called the "lenticular clouds"(Google it if you want to know more). But the one at Mount Kinabalu was not really much as this one, the shape was definitely there though. hehe. Okay2, here's the picture...

Can you see it? It's that cute little lens shaped cloud right on top of the mountain. Sorry for the blurriness. It was captured while the car was moving. And here's me taking pictures of what was left of the fading clouds at Nabalu(Kundasang)..~

Dad wanted to take a picture too for his laptop wallpaper. haha.

Macam di Jipun kan? boleh kasi jadi gambar poskad ni tau.

Alright, enough about the lenticular clouds(uuuu~ mentang2 la new word, mo juga pkai balik2 haha). We headed to Ranau and went to the wedding. It was definitely not one of the merriest ones because not many came.. most of the people only came for only a short while for they had few more wedding receptions to rush to. There were A LOT of weddings on that particular day. I counted, there were about six to seven!(five in Ranau alone, one was my neighbour and another one I saw while on the way to Ranau) The theory is because of the date: 6th day of the 6th month and the 6th day of the week. Isn't that supposed to be an evil number? you know, 666... hmm? *Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath song pops in head at this point*. Whatever it is, congrats to cousin Anun and hubby.. slamat pengantin baru.. Here's the only "good" picture I have of them..

Yea, I know, bad photographer. It was on zoom mode.. because people were crowding infront to take pictures too.. And for those who don't know, my cousin(the bride) is dressed in Dusun Ranau(not really sure which specific Dusun tribe) traditional clothing. Again, congrats to them. At the wedding, I had the chance to meet and catch up stories with my cousin, Dianne! It's always fun chatting with her.

The next day, dad and I stopped by at the Tiong Hua Cemetery("tiong hua" simply means "chinese people" in Hokkien according to dad) to visit my grandparents' grave since Kongkong's(grandpa) 12th death anniversary and Nenek Cina's 10th(I just found out during the visit that they share the same deathday) was the day before, which was June 6th. That was the first time I visited the grave after it was cemented. The last time I came was still of earth and wood as marking. Grass was all over the gravesite, woulda brought something to clean it if planned earlier. Sempat cabut rumput sikit2 ja.. sepertimana yg boleh dilihat di dalam gambar. haha.

So, that's all as an update for my holidays. haha.

p/s: Dad is flying back to Sandakan this morning and Inden's flying back home from the Phils today. One leaves, another one comes.



mEduSa said...

bulat tekebil2 oo mata se tingu itu 'lenticular clouds'. serius cun oo. harap2 1 day dpt tgk sndiri ni a gunung with such cloud =)

nway, get well soon unty~ hehe.

Joy said...

smart kannnn~~~~~ terpukau kan ko skijap. eseh. ahhaha.

thanx dong! appreciate it alot..~

Dunno said...

hope your mom is well. =)
Lawa la that lenticular clouds. HAHA. I feel so proud to know that word now. Thanks joyce. haha.

Joy said...

thanx~ she's doing well :)

wahahhaha! right? i was proud too when i first knew that word.. sounds so.. intelligent when we say that instead of saying umbrella clouds. hahah

Velarry Suan said...

What happened to ur mom!!???
and yeah... I have always liked ranau... its dead peaceful...

Joy said...

oh nothing.. sakit2 ja ckit.. besa la makin tua kan~ hehe.

yea.. true that. idup ranaU! haha