Monday, June 15, 2009

So Here I Am...

... online-ing from my hostel room. ekekeke. So far, there's only two of us here.. there's supposed to be another girl but she hasn't "checked in" yet. I am hoping that she's changed her mind and decided to stay off campus instead. The reason I said that is exactly just as the saying goes: "two's a company, three's a crowd". It's pretty comfortable here with only us two roommates and I'm so grateful that my new roomie is unexpectedly a friendly one and healthy too(she does Yoga. Her Yoga mat is hanging on the cupboard). haha.

So, for my new resolutions for this sem... I am determined to lose weight before sis Grace's wedding in November and also to be more disciplined in my studies(although I have just missed two classes today T__T) especially now I'm taking Miniproject. It's like a final year project but only mini. Hence the name, Miniproject haha. Our project title is "DC Motor Speed Control System Design". The lecturer showed us some of the seniors' works and they actually looked pretty interesting. I'm quite nervous about doing this project because a lot of commitment and determination should be put in doing this. Well, harap2 bulih buat la kan~ huhu.

As for now, sa masih terkapai2 mo cari combination lock for my luggage. nda puas hati ni, sa yakin bulih unlock ni. If you still remember, I mentioned about my locked luggage last time.. yes, the combination for the lock is still yet to be figured out. haha. I have tried all the combinations, that is from 001-999, once. But I shall try again for the second time later on. I might be rushing too much just now, there could be some careless mistake there. yakin ni, yakin. haha

bah~ itu ja la kio~ daaa..~

edited: yea, I did try 000 for the combination lock.


i n d e n said...



Enche' Eyezoodean said...

you tried from 001 to 999.
but you haven't try 000.
mgkn 000 kot!

Joy said...

inden: 123? that so dint work. tu yg tu mangga beg 'adidas' mami tu la. ni yg luggage sa dlu ~

din: oo ya kan, lupa mo mention 000.. but i did try 000 haha.

mEduSa said...

jangan2, 666! or 888! hahaha.

btw d "DC Motor Speed Control System Design" sound so cool oh, yet so mencabar n menakutkan. mcm se gerun. haha. well as usual, harus yakin mah kan! hahaha. gdluck in ur miniproject!

Joy said...

hahaha ko pnya course lagi menggerunkan ging! haha.. okie, thanks yous bebehs!