Saturday, July 18, 2009


Those are pictures of my campus area. Yea, my campus is a misty place with fresh air all around despite its location in the middle of a practically deserted place. We have to wear sweaters or thick clothes to go to class because it's that cold.


Pfft, misty my ass. That's no mist, that's all bloody HAZE! gademit.

All this haze is making my body all sticky and uncomfortable to breathe. Such a nice touch to the swine influenza pandemic . Very nice, good goin' humans. We're doing a great job for our part in making this world a better place to live *thumbs up*.

And this is the most recent one. Just took it moments ago from my bedroom window. Look how bad it is. Oh my.

Can't wait for this haze to disperse. It's driving me somewhat mad.

I miss the good air at home now.


Velarry Suan said...

macam fog kan joi? wakakakkaka

Joy said...

ya ba. tiaw btul ni. jan tertipu. panas gila aa tu. haha

Velarry Suan said...

hahaha....! bah..pakai mask la..nanti mati

Cherrying Fuse said...

rajin btol ko tangkap gambar campus kan..ahah!

Joy said...

yea la. as PROOF bebeh. btw, tu suma bkn pada hari yg sama.. berlainan tu haha. seems like im the only who fusses about this haze here. kmu biasa suda ka hidu asap ni? hahahha

dya said...

haha..jurubu jurubu..sangat tebal sampai lubang idung kau 10 meter depan pun tak nampak.hahaha.okey sudah ni skarang.mari hidup udara segar..hmmmppfffkkhh..=P

Joy said...

ahh.. xda! masih sma juga jerebu dia ni. mcm sit.