Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blog Walking.

hmm.. getting slightly bored now. Looking through friends, family and relatives' blogs while waiting for Natalie them all to pick me up which they said they would around 3pm. Reading through others' blogs makes me feel like I'm not living my life to the fullest yet. I gotta start to do so. I don't wanna be one of those who regret in their later years for not enjoying their youth days to the max. I don't know when I'm gonna start but I'm guessing it would be a slow start. That's okay for me. Confidence and courage is all I need.. and also love and support from loved ones.

Okay, Natalie just texted. They're leaving Jojo's house now.

For an unrelated note: Zella, sa mimpi ko mo kawin suda. Btul ka tu? haha


azella addin said...

haha. not enjoying ur youth days to the max ah? bha sia mau join ko live life to the fullest.

p/s: yabah. next month aku kawin

christina said...

ba mari la kita live life to the max. bujang lapuk kita. jom, skg jg! atau lebih baik lepas quarantine. shit. wat a turn off.

Joy said...

nah kan! i knew it btul la tu sa pnya mimpi. tahniah! smoga bahagia dgn mystery man. haha.

ya ba daling! bulih2 kau kna quarantine sa tia tauu hish. hope ur gonna b fine~ huhu.. cni mmu pn mcm ada suda urg kna2 ni.. kin tkt.. makin menular penyakit ini! huh~

mEduSa said...

uiseh. menular ya di situ, kagum kejap. hehe. xda bah, syndrome sewel tgh mlm bah ini.

Joy said... paham tu.. tgh2 mlm memng kasi sewel urg..~ hehe