Friday, August 7, 2009

Starting Is The Hardest Part

I'm talking about my assignment. I'm on my 1 week's midterm break now and I have the full intention of finishing my assignment within this time. I really really wanna finish it early because after that I need to find some time for myself to study for my midterm test which is right after the break. And mind you, the assignment is due on the last day of the break.

Well anyways, I have started halfway through my assignment two days ago. Well not exactly halfway.. probably a quarter.. hmm.. (mati la).. and I have been sitting in front of my laptop for the past two days but could never get myself back on the assignment. It's so hard...~ aduii... The first time was hard enough already for me to get started.. I was honestly worried when I stopped 2 days ago.. because I knew this would definitely happen. Starting back on the assignment is really hard once I've stopped. Budu o. kin panas ni. Like today, I have initiated to do it at about 2pm. But NO... siap p men Rock Legends di FB lagi(siap blk2 refreshing the page coz balik2 error). Okay then I thought I could get started once I was done with Rock Legends.. but no, then it was on to Mafia Wars.. and Street Racings.. and downloading Jay Chou's songs(one by one for a whole album). I know, tiba2 kan? And you know what's better?... after downloading the songs, I couldn't help but to sing along to them repeatedly(not that I know chinese) - with the help of "pinyin" lyrics on the net. So there I was singing along to mandarin songs dgn penuh emosi. I wonder if my chinese neighbour heard me.. Wouldn't be surprised if she did since I didn't put any effort in keeping my voice down.

And it doesn't stop there. I went to check my blog. Then I checked Jerry's blog.. then Liyana's... Zella's...Chris'... Hazel's.. Jojo's.. basically the whole gengkaras. One link after another. and lain la kalu sa baca seimbas2 ja.. ni yg btul2 bca ni. PUNYA LA. Then I felt so irritated with myself.. sebab xda disiplin. haha. And now, here I am.. blogging.. coz I feel like "expressing" myself *coughbullshitcough*. Really, starting is the hardest part or in my case re-starting. palui. This Thai song playing on my player now is making me sleepy. shit.

okay I best be out of here.. before I sidetrack some more.. daa..


christina said...

i sooooo know wat u mean~ ;p

Joy said...

of course u do~~ hee

Jerry said...

oh me gawd. Im doing the exact same thing. im supposed to be studying ni. GAH! tapi keep on updating. ada juga mau buat boring2 nanti.

Joy said...

kannn...~ i feel u man, i feel u.. babi btl o sa ni. mo kna spank kali ni bru buat keja ahhaa