Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sunny Day. Too Sunny.

Hello Blogblog.

Earlier today, I had a netball tournament. It was just a small league.. not a big one. It was a one-day open league held in Dengkil organised by Kelab Sukan Komuniti(Dengkil.. maybe), so there were quite a number of aged women playing as well. Some of them were from Polis, Taman Cangga Jaya(TCJ), Taman Bukit Cangga(TBC. I think I got that right), Boundary, Kemas, Sungai Buah something.. I remember they sent two teams and the other was called Fruit River something.. but I know the initials were FRT(Fruit River Team? maybe, I don't really care), and Bomba but they couldn't make it because they had some fire extinguishing to do. No, seriously. Though it was funny to us when they announced that. Sepang was there too I think.. can't really recall. Those were all the teams that I could remember.

Anyway, we were the first team to play that morning. The morning sun was just nice, not too hot - it was only eight something in the morning. Well, we had a good start since we won the first game but I didn't take part as I was heading back to hostel that time to change my short pants to long ones. Apparently, short pants(except for quarter pants) weren't allowed on the game although they didn't mention that during the briefing. Yet they insisted that they have. Personally, I don't think they did. Sabar ja la kan.

Moving on..

Second game was very tiresome. The sun was coming up and shining so brightly. It was damn hot and most of us were not fit enough to play since we were so used with playing indoor and at night. So outdoor game especially on the field is our weakness. We were playing against TBC and had to bite the dust to a 1-9 score. You know what, I'm really not sure what was the score but the range is somewhere there. hehe. They were kinda good so no hard feelings although we really felt that the refirees were paying too much attention on our mistakes instead of theirs. Pendek kata, bias la juga. But nevermind..~Among all the games, for me this second one was the most tiring. Oh, one more thing, I think the opponent's WA hated me. haha. I was playing WD :)
Can't blame her since the refs weren't really doing their job in being just so I thought I might as well just play rough and ignore the rules too like most of them.

So on to the third game. If I remember correctly I think we played against Sungai Buah something. Well again, the WA hated me. Haha. Oh well...~ they shoulda played by the rules or else I'm gonna be contacting my body with them a lot, well indeed I did. haha. Sampai satu kali tu sa terpeluk lagi dia coz x sempat break bila melompat. HAHA...~ sorry WA~ lol. Okay, so I didn't remember the score. But all I know is that we won. huahua. So the chance of getting a place in the top 3 was still on. And again, the sun was unbearably hot. It was definitely not siding us because everytime we started to play the sun would come out and fry us but would be behind the clouds whenever we weren't playing. The sun was being bias on us too. Jahat.

Moving on to the next game. This time it was Kemas team. All the players were makcik2.. and they were friendly so that was a good thing. Finally, a friendly team. It was an easy game though and we beat them to erm.... I forgot the scores again. Sorry. hehe. But we won, that's all that matters haha. So that wrapped up our position in the semi-final to get into the final. We were first runner up to Taman Bukit Canggang.

Our bodies were burning like crazy by this time. Damn hot, seriously.

After a ten-minute break, final round was on. Our next game was against TCJ. This game was to determine our placing in the top 3. If we could beat this team, we could have the chance of getting the 1st or 2nd place. But sadly enough, we lost. They were really good, and we were not expecting to win against them anyways. hehe. That team was friendly as well so no hard feelings there too. The GD was damn good.

So our last and final game was against Boundary. We beat them senseless. 2 -13 if I'm not mistaken. By this time all of us was already starving and couldn't wait to get over with the last game. Our heads were only filled with one thing : KFC. haha. That was an enough motivation for us to try to win the game. And we sure did. huahua!

So there you go. My netball day. hehe. We got the third place. Not bad as the top 4 teams got cash and hamper. Third placing got RM150. Still, not bad because the fee for entering the league was only RM30. So, it was worth it. hehe. After everything was done, we headed straight to Alamanda's KFC outlet. huahua~ habis trus duit utk mkn jak. haha. budu.

The "hot" game has resulted in my overly "tanned" face and arms.. adui. bida ni~ trus p bli whitening cream tadi. blum pnah2 ni pkai seblum ni tau. haha.

So here are some pictures for the day although I must say I don't have any of our group pictures. They were on other people's cameras :D

This is the medal. Nice right? It's made of glass.

Told you it was glass. See? It's see through! hahaha *loser*

The hamper

And of course, the KFC leftovers. hahaha

And finally, Si Komunis Itam! haha!

That picture was taken during the break after the 2nd game... I think. So, imagine how much darker I am after all the games. *pengsan*

All right, very lengthy entry this time. hehe. tata


dopeymooke said...

ciam pils!! hahaha...joi, ko tau ka derang mum dad and inden datang sini on Thursday malam?

Joy said...

wahahhaha kannnn! tiaoooo~ sa mau kasi putih blk ni.. haha.

eh sa tia tau drg dtg thursday nite..~

dopeymooke said...

derang karen and jerry will arrive the next day...meaning the whole famly will be in KL this weekend! SO, u better be free hahahaha...derang akan stay sana Istara Kondo di PJ for 1 weeks...derang blk KK on the 18th August...konvo si Inden on Sunday...:P

Joy said...

oo.. okay2..~ i'll be joining on fri la kali.. fri nite.. or maybe saturday ..~ coz i got lab on fri till 5.30pm.. hohoh..yea I AM gonna make myself free for the weeekned. heheh

azella addin said...

hitam. hampir mcm romanus.

Enche' Eyezoodean said...

gile gelap sudah kulit ko joyah.
kena pakai clorox ni.

Joy said...

haha kitai kau mbok!

aih. kalo boleh pkai clorox mmg lama suda sy pakai dinnn haha

LiyanaIzwin said...

joyy~ si elia pun konvo sunday. watime dia konvo?? hehe..
wakakak hitam sdh ko!!! sy mau putih sdh.. ;p

Joy said...

ooo same day pula oo kan drg convo~~ idk wat time o. kta jmp d sna la nti kan~? cool! haha. nti kta interframe gbr convo org akaaka

iya ba~ ada fight sma kau suda ni.. ketulahan kali ni mengijik ko.. sbb kwn2 sa yg len nda jua itam sgt ni, sa jak. sit! haha