Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bad News Aside.

Posting this entry does not mean I am forgetting of the bad month previously. Life still has to go on. Reality is where we are at now, snap ourselves back into it for our journey is yet to end. But do not worry because memories will forever be intact(unless you suffer amnesia or become senile atau yang sewaktu dengannya).

Well anyway, back to my main topic. I wanna share a video my friend recommended to me on Youtube recently. I think it is one of the most amazing things humans are capable to do. After watching this video you would see our human vocals in a whole new light(and a lot cooler). So, watch.

"Who let the dogs out! *cute puppy bark*" cute! haha.

I know there are tons of other videos such as this. But I am quite fond of this particular one because of its bubbliness(??) and of course the songs they covered, I just love them all! I feel happy watching them. And that is all that matters. hee. Hope you liked it too or at least it cheered you up!


LiyanaIzwin said...

seriousslyy, PUNYA SEMAARTTTT! hahahaha

Joy said...

i know right~~ huahua

christina said...

muahahahaha...u just made my day baybeh~~

christina said...

muahahahaha...u just made my day baybeh~~

Joy said...

hahha.. it's my pleasure huahua~

Gallivanter said...

I blogged about this before too. They're such a talented bunch! :-D