Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woke Up On The Right Side of The Bed

Herro! hohoho

I have good news - our miniproject is finally a success!! yes... ladies and gentlemen. After countless attempts and troubleshootings which only brought FAILURES, we finally managed to work it out~~ we finally got the freakin' motor running. In the beginning, it only worked when we borrowed one part of our friend's circuit. The result was not that satisfying but at least we got the motor to spin. That was all that the lecturer wanted.. "we try the motor and see, at least we get one spin". Those are his words. Sedih kan? "at least one spin" tu yg bkin sedih. haha. Well indeed we got the spin, and not only one but more than one spin!! muahahhaha!! It was not satisfying because the motor speed was very low and we couldn't get it any more higher. I recorded that moment of truth/victory but stupid me deleted it. And now I do not have any proof to show off haha. After the demonstration with the lecturer, we found the problem in our own circuit and rectified it. We tried our circuit back again and guess what, the circuit was working! but the lecturer didn't get to witness it because he had gone back to his room! It was such a waste because this second try was VERY satisfying for it was of our own circuit, and the motor was running A LOT faster! The speed was like five times more than the first try(where we used our friend's part). We only ran it for a short while because the motor was spinning so fast that it scared us, plus there was some smell coming from the transformer - the lamination of the transformer was melting because the transformer was heating up. We wanted to try it again to record the motor speed(but my handphone memory was full, that's why I had to delete the first video)so that we can show it to the lecturer later on. But this time the motor didn't work at all! T___T such a waste. Then and there I regretted deleting the first video. Well, no matter. It was already great enough that we got it running during the demo. *sigh of relief* You don't know how we worked hard for it.. We were the last group who finished it. Haha..

This is how the project looks like externally. Can anyone guess what box is that that we used? Well, notice the floral patterns on it? Yea, It's a mooncake box HAHA. That is another story. LOL. And by the way, that's the motor behind our project box. The motor is actually the thing inside the glass in between the plate with schematic diagram on it and the striped thingy(metal fins)

And here is how it looks like internally. Mind the messiness, didn't get to tidy it up. hehe

And now I can finally focus on my final exam... yea, I'm having my final exam now. Wish me luck..

Oh oh..! I almost forgot, I had a very nice dream this morning! I dreamt of my GENGKARAS and my cousin, Aping and his family(which strangely enough not his family in real life. dlm mimpi ja dia ckp tu family dia)and Bart, and someone else.. I can't recall already. But the most I can remember is the part with the gengkaras in it. I had a lot of fun in the dream with you guys!~ And you know what, *ktawa sndiri2 bila terpkir blk* I was laughing in my sleep because it was THAT fun and funneh..! seriously, I was like mcmana aa.. mau kasi tunjuk muka pun nda dpt.. nanti sa kasi crita bila depan2.. hahaha. Luckily my roommate didn't sleep in the room today or else it would be very embarrassing. I can still laugh about it until now when I think of it again. Damn nice dream. I was in such a good mood and all smiles when I woke up today. Thus, the title of this entry.

Everything is good today. It started good and hopefully it ends the same as well tonight. hoho.



LiyanaIzwin said...

i'll be waiting to hear the dream story~ ngehehe

Joy said...

hopefully i can still rmbr it by then, u know how dreams are~ they slip away very easily haha

mEduSa said...

ingt joy ingt! nti 15 ko blk cni se tnya. hahaha.

Joy said...

wakakka yea sa cuba utk ingt.. but nah. its slipping awayyyyyyy oh noesss haha