Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maliau Basin Pictures

Alright Bloggie. I have already gotten the pictures from one of the cameras! Sharing-is-caring time! Enjoy the pictures yea~

A Tembadau skull

Upon reaching our hostel

The "Food Hut"

Very bright night sky.

January babies

The waterfalls that would be conquered in the future

Our ride for the "Night Safari"

Pair of eagles in sight

The "strangled" tree. huahua


Breakfast of "nasi lalap" and ghost stories

On the way to the jungle!

The "Old Man of The Jungle" tree

Huge tree roots!

I forgot what it is called. But it's a nest. termite nest? Damn I don't remember.

"Busut". Termite nest too if I remember correctly. Only different type of termite.

Fallen tree


I just can't get enough of the big trees there. They are amazingly huge~

Virgin forest

A cicada skin

Tree House

The Skybridge. Not for the faint of heart.

And highlight of that day: introducing... MOMMY!

"misti lah sia pndai branang. Sia anak sungai bah!"

Very happy ah mommy.. hahah.


Abet said...

C grace pun mo bawa sia p Skytrex d Shah Alam this Sun.. always wanted to go panjat pokok.. haha...~~

Abet said...
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Joy said...

uuu...cool.. blm pnah tau psl skytrex.. trekking pokok ka? haha. must b challenging..~

LiyanaIzwin said...

damn nice. love it.

mEduSa said...

hmm, itu gmbr January babies bah, mcm muka debbie (adik dyan) ni the girl.

mamaii said...

whewww!! maliau basin..jeles sya ni! sya limpas ja ari tu..huhuhu

Joy said...

lena: jan jeles2.. ko dpt p tu juga one day~ kta p conquer waterfall dia! huahua

ned: adik dyan la tu ned!! hahaha.. dyan ja xda join.. parents dia sma adik llk dia ada ni.. bida kan.

mamai: hahha.. alo! limpas ja~ hehe. len kali bawa c grace pigi.. dia blm pigi lagi tu. hehe