Sunday, January 3, 2010

Maliau Basin

Just got back from a 3D2N trip from Maliau Basin. Had great fun but disappointed at the same time because we did not get the chance to actually go inside Maliau Basin as it requires several days of jungle trekking to get there and we just didn't have enough time. Besides, the trip was already very cheap so what we had was already deservingly enough. hehe. Maliau Basin is a beautiful place... it was the first virgin forest I've ever been in. I wish there were more virgin forests out there. The big trees there were amazing! sakai ni tengok pokok basar basar... hahaha..

So that's all. Just thought of sharing. Haven't had the pictures transferred into my laptop from the cameras. Will try to upload them once I have them with me or once I am rajin enough to do it. hahhaha..

Next time I shall conquer Maliau Basin and see the beautiful waterfalls which I very much long to see... provided I have the MONEY. Time wouldn't be the problem for I would make time for it. For sure. cewah.. harapan tinggi... ntah cukup fit ka tidak. haha.

Alright later..~


christina said...

bring me witcha!!

mEduSa said...

bah next time, bawa se. heheh.