Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Indeed I am. In one short duration of time, I've had Nesco(yes, Nesco) spillt on my notes and water spilt on the floor. I'm wondering how many more other similar occurence is installed for me for today's agenda. haha. We'll just have to wait and see.

On another unrelated incident, I have finally discovered who is the culprit of that recent stench at my doorstep. And it is because of this:

Yes, a cat pooped near my shoes. I wasn't aware of it all this while because it was initially hidden in between my shoes until I finally saw it just now on the way back from the toilet. I think I know which cat did this, I've seen it slept on my shoes for a few times before and I let it because it looked so cute. And now it's betrayed me, the next time I see the cat I'm gonna give it a tight slap.

Gotta go, been holding my poo for this entry. The sensation is becoming unbearable. See you!

Signing off,
Ms. Poopoo


JerryInc said...

buduh hahahaha

missnadira said...

that was one nice poopoo..:P:P