Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This entry is dedicated especially for Liyana Izwin Khalid since she yearns for our blog updates so much, nah kau makan! akakak kidding babe, me lob you.

Anyway, as for the others, I'd like to inform all of you that I will be doing my internship at SESB. Yes, I'm coming home soon, you'll be seeing more of me. No more karau saturang di cyber because of the gengkaras hahaha.

The thought of doing my internship in KK is like a love-hate thing. It's quite a dilemma. Here is why:

The hate part:

1. Lionel. (well duh~ right haha)
2. SESB doesn't provide any allowance
3. SESB is where my dad used to work at before his retirement about 2 years ago, and it is currently the workplace of my second sister.
4. I kinda got my internship because of them.
5. I hope you can see why I don't favor reason 3 and 4 - I will have to behave as watchful eyes are all on me.
6. I personally feel that I won't grow in KK because KK is my comfort zone. You can't grow in your comfort zone. (itu apa yg saya pkir la ya rakan2).
7. Oh ya, nti jadi kuli di rumah. hahaha

The love part:

1. Closer to family and friends (yay)
2. Oh, and closer to my dogs too.
3. I don't have to spend much (or basically nothing) on food, transportation, and accommodation.
4. Get in touch with my Sabahans. (lol)
5. Finally, have the time to actually explore Sabah (kunun).

Okay that's about it. So there you go, the latest update about me. BTW, I'm currently doing my thesis, I ask for your help to pray por me to do well on my thesis. Thank you~ mwah. See y'all soon!


Hate reason no. 8: leaving LIYANA IZWIN KHALID for four freaking months!! (there u go Na, anything por u!)

For this particular hate reason no. 8, I would try to make internship to be the only thing in KK, pray for me to be back in KL for my real job. ngehehe.


Anonymous said...

Please add another one in your hate part list.
No. 8: because you're leaving LIYANA IZWIN KHALID for four freaking months!!

Anonymous said...

okay read ur edited post. u better be here for ur real work. humrph. hugs ;)