Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nothing Much

Jyhello Blog, v meet again. ngehngehngeh~

Anyway, today I played futsal and I actually drove to the court - two of the things that I RARELY do. I felt proud of myself that I drove and on the other hand, Lionel was proud that I played futsal. I'd like to say thank you to Jerrypah for having faith in me by carcooling together with me as the driver. Hope this is the beginning of my driving era. And by the way, Liyana arrived KK earlier this evening too. Welcome home my fellow soon-to-be officially Sabahan friend.

On another note, I have already started my internship since about a month plus ago. I must say it is a good experience being in SESB. Everything that I have studied is now being applied right in front of my eyes. The sucky part is that I'm the only female when the first time I came in because I have missed the batch with female interns. The workers are all men that are mostly pretty much rough around the edges so I really had to adjust and adapt to their way of communication. But I was pretty much quite for the first two weeks and after that it got better. They're really friendly and hardworking. So far I'm still in maintenance unit, so these are the guys who are working at the frontlines - dealing with low to high voltage. It is truly a dangerous job. I feel humbled being around them. I highly respect the jobs that they do. I go out to sites with them everyday and being under the sun each day has made me much darker now. I hope I can tan my whole body by Karen's wedding.

Well okay I think that's all for now, I'd love to tell more about my internship but I'm afraid it would be a long grandmother story so guess I better not. But I can say this much about my internship - I think it has exposed me with all kinds of people and has taught me a little better on my communication skill, probably because I have no friends (all the other interns are basically from Politeknik - majority of them are in the same class. You know where I'm getting at right?) and I had to force myself to speak up and socialize with the workers who are all older than me. And also, I have learned to be very inquisitive of the things that they do and I noticed that it has a stimulating effect on my brain which I so need since my otak was very berkarat before this. So in conclusion, it has so far mainly taught me on how to adapt to a very very different kind of environment. And also, I've learned to be close to the senior workers who are much older as I can get more valuable information from them which is more useful.

Okay okay stopping now, I'm off to bed. Good night!

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