Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wanita Berkarier

So Bloggie, I finally landed my 1st job, which has nothing to do with engineering at all. It's a "Helpdesk Specialist" job. Basically, the job is just picking up calls. So yeah, I think I've started to feel the "pressure" of working. This line of job is quite pressurring or stressful if you do not know what you're supposed to know. I'm in that phase now. So yes, a bit depressing too. So, to see it through or don't see it through? My heart tells me to finish it. I guess I shall try, let's see how things go in another few more months (if I could handle another few more months that is, LOL). I shall presevere!!! Umagaaa... HUHAH! Okay, that's all. Just felt like blogging. Mwah.


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