Saturday, February 1, 2014

After A Year Plus...

Whoah... I cannot believe my last post was more than a year ago! Okay, here I am again dear bloggie. Almost forgot that I had a blog,suddenly thought about it and decided to give it a visit. Amazing how things are a lot different now. So, let me try to re-cap a little of things that have happened. Seeing that my last post was about getting my first job, it would only be relevant to start off with my current job status. I actually managed to stay in IBM and completed the whole 1-year contract. So yeah, I left IBM in May last year and landed a job at Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd. Yes, I am back at home sweet home for good. New job has me being called an Electrical Engineer. Been on it for about 8 months now(reported for duty on July 1st 2013). I still have a lot to learn, still adapting and improving. Enough about jobs. The past 2 years had been a journey. I made new friends-good people that I am so very grateful to have met and be good friends with. Thanks to technology, we are all still in touch. Living on my own had taught to me become more independent and responsible - though not entirely as I am still growing and learning. Living away from home and family which also means outside of my comfort zone also has made me a stronger person and opened up my eyes and mind to seeing and understanding things in a whole new perspective. A very much less uptight girl that I used to be. Relationship-wise had been a rollercoaster ride especially last year. We still have a lot to work on and this long distance relationship currently is not making it any easier. I am praying that things will work out eventually. As of now, it is not so bad. This year marks our fourth year of being together, it would definitely be nice to see if we could pull this through. Moving on from the mushy stuff. As we all know, it is now the beginning of the year 2014. My resolutions will still be: l) Losing weight -I am currently doing the Focus T25 workout program and trying to eat clean although I may have cheated few times, I swear that I am still trying! 2) Travel more 3) Less complaining 4) Less procrastinating and just "do it" 5) Be more positive and be more aware in the present. Basically, just improving my self more. Let's wait and see what's the outcome will be like by end of the year. All the best, self! Signing out, Joyce


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