Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hey Ho, It's Holiday Yo~

Dear Blog,

so finally, i'm done with my foundation studies...just yet.
now i'm back in my home sweet home..
looking forward to this sem break as most of my friends are in KK now..
schweet. I know.
kinda miss my friends back in campus though..
especially my supper-friends. hahha..
oh well, we'll sure gonna meet again someday..
only not as often as before but still, we're under one uni.

today my family and i did a roadtrip, a 12-hour roadtrip. we started off at 9am and
our route was:


well actually we went to ranau the day before to attend a relative's wedding. the roadtrip only started the following day, which was from Ranau. and it was enjoyable. we only made few stops to rest and for toilet breaks. but we did manage to go to Mah Hua Waterfall in Tambunan(if i'm not mistaken). we didn't actually get to go to the waterfall itself. only to the entrance point. haha. just to get to the entrance point was a 6-km ride and after that we will have to go by foot 500m more to reach the waterfall. so, since it would be time consuming, we decided to go to the waterfall some other time. then we carried on our journey. i was wide awake at all times when we were at the high lands.. 'cause i don't wanna miss out on the fresh and cold breeze, beautiful sceneries and everything good about nature's beauty. hehe. and i slept most of the times when we were at the low lands..'cause basically the low lands don't really interest me. it's just hot and flat. haha.

OH! and one more. on our way to Sipitang, it was raining and we saw some cars including a firetruck parked along the highway..and we could see there was a bit of commotion going on. so, we stopped and parked the car by the street and went out to check what was the commotion all about. we found out that a jeep had skidded off the road and tumbled down into the ravine! and i could see the jeep down below. a woman told us that there were 11 people inside the vehicle and all of them had already been sent to the Tenom and Sipitang hospitals. i was so shocked to see the jeep down below the ravine with my very own eyes. imagine what was it like for the people inside the jeep. and there were 11 of em! that musta been like a canned sardine pushed down a hill. i hope the victims are okay. i really do.

okay, after that we proceeded on our trip until we finally made it back home at around 7PM. today is already 2nd of June and all of these happened on 1st of June.
k, guess that's all for now..until then

Happy Holidays to me! haha. ciao.

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