Sunday, July 29, 2007

Passing Time

Dear blog,

okay, here's a little something i wrote just now when i was slacking studying.
it's not that good but i'm content with the result. ahah. by the way, i don't really have an idea for the title. hehe. anyhoo, here it is:

time sure knows how to fly fast,
how i wish i could make it last,
damn, exams are such a dread,
no wonder students say they're better off be dead.

oh well,
that's just a normal silly suicidal thought,
but hey of course i don't wanna die,
there's just so much more to life!

gotta get back to those damn pencil and books now,
and start studying till i become a clown.

don't get me started again,
is what the robot in 'Transformers' said,
and you know what?
i did not even remember it said that in the movie,
it was the priest in the church who told me!
rock on father, i shall not fail thee!

you see?
i'm letting time fly past me by again!
darn it,
i really have to stop slacking,
'cause my midterm is coming!!
i'm ciao-ing,


hehe.. k, guess that's it. tata.

miss lazy-ass

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