Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Dear Blog,

for merdeka day, my friends and I went to watch the fireworks
at Putrajaya International Convention Centre(PICC). The fireworks was fantastic!! and being a fan of fireworks since forever, it was a sight to behold. I feel like a kid again everytime watching fireworks. To get there was a dread though. The jam was SO TERRIBLE our butts literally went numb for sitting too long in the car.

In the end, everyone who was stuck in the jam somehow got fed-up and just parked their cars right in the middle of the road. So, since we were already getting bored and fed-up as well, we just went along with it too and switched off our car's engine and walked our way to the PICC area. We got there just in time! seconds after we reached there, there were already colourful explosions in the sky. Amara and I got so excited that we left the rest to get to a more closer view of the fireworks, and my God was it terrific. The traffic jam was all worth it. The fireworks lasted about 30 minutes, which for me is the longest fireworks I've ever watched, and the finale of the fireworks was the BEST!--the fireworks kept on booming one after another non-stop that the sky was made bright!! it was orgasmicly amazing! haha. My friend, Danny managed to take some photos of the fireworks.. although they're not as good as to justify what we witnessed ourselves, it's better than nothing.

Okie, as I said, here are some of the pictures taken during the fireworks..

and here's the finale bit..

looks greater live though..

and here is the firework-excited group... Danny took the pic and Din and Lionel were MIA when we took this pic. haha..
Agnes, Amara, me and Hanif

will definitely go and watch again next year!! haha..
till then,


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