Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Times

Dear Blog,

So I just got the Kundasang trip pictures from Lena last night. Since I've mentioned in my previous entry that I'd put them up here, well here they are..~one of the great times we had frozen in time...


Wokie, those were just for starters..let's move on to part II


Alritey then, let's see the FUN part! weeee~~. By the way, these pictures were taken many shots in a row. So, we may look retarded in the pictures that I'm about to show you.


siok kan?~ haha. Anyway, that's not all.. there's few more..~ I like these pictures. =D

That's the end of the fun pictures. hehe. Here's more..

These next pictures were taken during the last day of our stay.


pheeww... I think I'm gonna just stop here.. too many pictures already. hahah. There's actually few more but I'm just too tired and lazy to upload them all. hehehe. Anyway, for those who couldn't be with us that time(tau2 la kan sepa..~ hehe), sorry ah.. next time la kita buat trip ramai2 lagi kalu dpt. Apa2 pun, hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

O yea, here's the video of us jamming, taken from Hazel by the way

Yes, I know, not the Bullet For My Valentine song. I forgot to mention that we jammed other songs too. That was "Sayang Kinabalu" anyway. hehe. I don't think the video of us singing the "Hearts Burst Into Fire" song was recorded. haih~ that's the good stuff. haha.


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