Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Semester

Dear Bloggie,

I've been back in Cyberjaya for many hours now. Got back and there wasn't any electricity. It was cut off because we didn't pay the bill - it figures. But no worries, Dayze had already paid the bill and now the lights are back on. hoho. And just now I was having problem with my luggage. My luggage combination lock somehow got mixed up and thus I couldn't unlock it. Dammit. I tried to be patient and attempted all combinations from scratch. It truly tested my patience which of course failed miserably(expectedly). In the end I resorted to the ever helpful Youtube. Found some methods that looked kinda easy, gave it a try and again to no avail. Imagine how frustrated I was at that time. And all that while I could only think of my hinava(raw fish salad((??). Google it) and lada(blended chili with vinegar) and lihing(rice wine) which were all inside the luggage. Being the impatient me, I in the end simply took a pen, took off the cap and puncture along the zipper with it(actually was one of the methods I found on Youtube too. Haha). Don't worry, once I finally figure out the correct combo for the lock, it'll only be a matter of zipping over the "punctured" area and voila, both the luggage and I are happpy. But for now I'm the only who's happy because the luggage is still punctured. Don't think I'll be dealing with it now. It can be frustrating and I don't handle frustration very well.

Anyway, my main posessions are now freed. I decided to snap some pics and here they are~~

the lada

...and the lihing. Yea, Dayze and I drank some from one of the bottles.

Now brace yourself for the main star of the day...~ *glorious singing*

the ever yummy HINAVA

See all the glows? Just wanted to add more to the glorious singing effect. haha

Notice that both the hinava and lihing are in pairs? that's because one of each pair is for Bart. He's been pestering me about it since before I went back to my hometown for last sem break -___-"

Nah puas hati suda? tapi siou tu lihing terpaksa bagi dua. Kami di rumah pun mau hahaha.

On top of everything, thanks to my wonderful mom, she helped me make the hinava and buy the lihing~ hoho. love ya!

p/s: I've just realized that the title of my entry doesn't really suit. Therefore, to match the title, I'll just have one thing to say that's related to it, that is I don't feel like going back to books and studies just yet. My spirit is just not here. It's still at home in KK. haha. I hope this will wear off soon, because I don't plan on flunking. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, I passed all for my last sem. hehe.

K, that's all for now~ byes


Liyana Izwin said...

eypp..what does hinava taste like?
and minta skit lihing ko..hahaha!

Enche' Eyezoodean said...

hinava? cencalok ke budu?

Joy said...

liyannaaa~~ ko blm pnah mkn hinava?? u shud b ashame! haha. nda beh. rsa dia mcm hinava. haha. susa mo ckp. sadap la. len kali ko try la

haha. bukan la. lain ckit. lionel ckp sdap lg dr budu. haha

Liyana Izwin said...

haha! ashamed. NOT.
ko mesti bagi sy try.. but i dont eat budu, how am im suppose to eat lihing?

Liyana Izwin said...

ehh lihing pula.. hinava :p

christina said...

omg. i cant remember how Hinava tastes like. i wud asked u to post me sum. but by the time it reaches.. jadi perkampungan kulat sdh huhu~

Joy said...

hahah. dun worry lena, hinava is way nicer than budu. hohoh~ len kali sa kasi try ko la kenen. haha

xpa chris, blh buat sndiri tu. ikan n limau tu main ingredient dia.. tp klu blh ko minta mami ko post tu shredded biji bambangan ja la. tu tuk kasi ilang tu lendir dia mami sa blg knun.