Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

It was sad to see that not many people cared much about it. Lights weren't turned off(even though we shouted them all the way from the balcony to do so).

Anyway, another jamming session at Jojo's place. This is a cover of Tegan and Sara's "Call It Off". A little something during Earth Hour.

We covered four songs for this jamming session, which were:

1. Call It Off - Tegan and Sara
2. Burn Your Life Down - Tegan and Sara
3. Roses - Meg and Dia
4. The Boring Life - Slycaps

Check out the videos on our Youtube account. Though I'm not sure whether or not they have been uploaded. Haha

Anyhoots~ Enjoy!


b o n z e l l a said...

iya. tempat kmi pun gitu. budu ni. 1 hr pun x mau tutup. kmi tutup 2 hari awal ni. kena putung karen. haha

Joy said...

HAHHAHAHA. kna putung karen la pula! haha. tp tu la, budu o kan. tutup lampu jak pun. bkn pn electricity~~ huhuh. sungguh disappointing.

Dunno said...

eh earth hour I join jugak!!! hahaha.
omg. I also shouted at them but sume buat tak kesah...
block A2 paling byk bukak lampu.

NatheRiot said...

Hahaha^ Zella haha. mati karen ah
Sorry dong sy lambat skit upload this time. Kasi edit dlu hoho.
Kasi siap assignment dlu haha.

Abet said...

sia pun ada tutup lampu....but TV ber'ON'...ahaha..diorang una teda d rumah ba...

Joy said...

Nissa: ya ka?? ala, kecewanya sy dgn cyberia. i tot they'd join in. huhu. next time we go direct to "pihak atasan" to switch the lights for the whole cyberia. haha

Nat: dong, kasi sa bideo yg len. c jojo tnya2 suda psl tu bideo roses.

Abet: Hahaha. xpa ba, lampu ja ba yg perlu tutup. tv i think bulih ja on~ huahua