Monday, March 23, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out.

Hands are shaking
Heart is breaking
I feel nauseous
The feeling intensifies
Could someone get the doctor
It is so messed up inside

Help me to relieve it all
Words might do to get rid of it
Just give it a try, give it a try..

Why must it ache this way
This feeling inside can no longer be contained
I've tried to make it go away
But to no avail
I'd just break down and cry

I feel paranoid
The world seems so cruel
Could I just bury myself alive
With this ground we live on?

'Depression' is the word for this
I think I should eat it all away
What should it be? Chocolate or ice cream?
I shall go with ice cream!

Eat it all away..
eat it all way

or maybe..
I should sweat it all away..
I'll try the gym instead!(but I hate the gym)
Jogging will do then! (but it's so boring)
Well in that case, Sports will be just the thing!

Who am I kidding..
I'd just resort to ice cream AND chocolate in the end..

Eat it all away..
eat it all away..

Depression could just eat us up someday


dopeymooke said...

ko ok kaini joi? O_o

Joy said...

ok bah. lagu jak tu knun. haha