Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some 41 Pucking Random Things

OK Nissa, this one is especially for you~

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 + 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you! WTH.

1. Whadahell man. there's 41 things i have to write here. I'm regretting it now nissa.
2. I tend to cook my corned-beef egg terlebih masin (FAIL)
3. I desperately need to finish up my assignment
4. I'm procrastinating since last Monday because of this stupid headache
5. Emma's cat just gave birth to 4 very fluffy and fat kittens
6. The kittens are very cute!
7. Emma and Dayze call them Si Jagung, Jagung Bangas, Batman and
8. I forgot what's the last kitten's name.
9. I finally cook at home after sooo long.
10. I overslept and now my eyes are both so puffy
11. I mish my beshpren(does it in pilipino slang)
12. I mish my boipren(again, pilipino slang)
13. I hope I'll poop sooner.
14. Dayze's "lapchiong" is overcooked and burnt.
15. I've been jogging for two days in a row.
16. And I'm not doing so good so far.
17. Panting all the way.
18. I think I'm losing my stamina.
19. YEAY! I can feel the pooping sensation-a-comin'!
20. Omgoodness..........there's 21 more questions to go.
21. Damn you Nissa.
22. Don't worry. I don't hate you~ *wink wink*
23. Oi, BRB. Pooping time!
24. Hey~ back. I love pooping. It's very relieving.
25. It's already 12.22pm and I haven't started on my assignment yet.
26. I hope hope hope hope that I can finish it by tomorrow.
27. I recommend you people to watch the TV series, Californication.
28. But there's sex scene in every episode. So paham2 la kan. hahahah
29. Aiyo... I'm tired already....when's this going to end!
30. whatelse... I need more water. The stupid water refiller downstairs is broken.
31. It always gets broken! dammit!
32. I like Anne Hathaway.
33. UI pntat ayam. (just wanted to say that)
34. Oh no... headache is coming again.. alert! alert!
35. I love Kings of Leon.
36. I wanna watch Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland~~~
37. I'm excited because I know I'm reaching the 41st question. HAHA
38. I eat more than you, Nissa. Neh~
39. I'd like you to watch this: Namewee: The ABC Time of Teacher Khoo
40. I'm glad it's 40 now too
41. Thanks for tagging me Nissa!(not!) hahahhahah



Enche' Eyezoodean said...

ko kena blajar masak dgn aku ni joyah..
garam tu secubit je. bukan segenggam.

Joy said...

hahahah.. jum la! haha