Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 1

Hello Bloggie, so now I am currently coming into the end of my second month of internship on October 10th. Lately, it has been quite boring after the unit change which is the Development/Project unit. I am on my last week in this unit and will then change to Planning unit. I haven't really learned much from this particular unit not until my third week when I was assigned to follow Mr. Rahim. He was good, at least he knew what he was doing and would gladly explain things in detail. That's what I want. But he's on his annual leave now for the whole week, so I'm left hanging. Today I was supposed to follow another staff but he left to do the work orders without calling me to tag along this morning - I joined the maintenance (overhead line) gang instead. We went to Shallom Valley, Kionsom. It was a nice place.

Moving on, the Politeknik interns have just finished their internship last friday which sucks for me because there goes all the good friends. Now it's only left with me and another girl and the rest are all SESB trainees which are all guys. They're cool though, will try to get closer to them starting from now because the other girl is finishing end of this month and that will leave me being the only girl.

Oh yeah, one breakthrough that maybe not many have known and would be a "FINALLY!" or "Oh thank God!" moment to most of those who are close to me is that I have actually started driving. I mean like real driving. I drive to work now and yes it's manual. Oh yes sister you heard me. After obtaining my driving license about 2 years ago, I have finally faced my fear and made it happen. haha. (noob in the house).

Okay that's all for now. Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our youngest and most beloved baby girl in gengkaras, JOJO KIRAM! Have a blessed birthday and enjoy the start of your 22 year-old life. We love you.



missnadira said...

say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt???????? Kau driving?? hahaha..tahniahh..memang boleh buat trip to sabah suda la ni pemandu pelancong dh boleh drive..hehehe.ada mati2 tgh jalan tak haha..

Joy said...

wahahhaha.. oh yess da boleh da.. but area kk ja la, klu naik p gunung tu blm brani lagi haha. so far xda mati2 suda.. ada 1 2 kali sja hehe tp masih dangerous driver la saya, agak cuai. few times suda sy ada near-miss experience. haha.

missnadira said...

ngaaaaaa..ui careful kau..bawa 40 je pun takpe..duduk lane kiri..jngn ko masuk gear 5 pun..smpai betul2 confident.hahaha:P

Joy said...

hahahha.. aww somebody's concern~ but too late, sy suda start pkai gear 5 hahah