Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bad Night-20.08.2007

Dear blog,

let's just say that tonight was really a bad night.
okay, first of all, we were going to cinema for Rush Hour 3 midnight movie.
Then on the way to and back from the movie, some bad and unexpcted
things happened along the way.. and it's basically because of
our own silly and clumsy mistakes..

so now, lemme list down the shitty things that happened:

1. The car which i was in(they were 3 cars all in all) rammed to a stranger's car and made a slight dent on it.
cause: a silly gangster "act" by our other friend from another car.

2. My purse which contains my IC, STUDENT ID CARD, ATM CARD, HOSTEL ROOM KEY, ROSARY and about RM70 CASH was lost or more like stolen. damn~

3. On our way back, my friend nearly ran through the divider when driving.

4. And now, i dropped my scrunchy at the mamak shop.

haih..i know it doesn't sound much. But it feels like it is for all these things to be happening in one night. And i think i'm the one who's experiencing the biggest impact here. I can feel a heavy burden in my chest now. Feeling a bit better though after i went for police report just now. I could feel some burden was lifted out of my chest.
Thank goodness i have helping friends. Can't express how grateful i am to have them.
I owe them a lot; the ride, the food, the patience, and everything. Will try to pay them back in one way or another later.

Haven't said anything to my parents yet. Will tell them about this later today.
I'm gonna have to get ready for a good long lecture..
because this is not the first time i lost things out of clumsiness and forgetfulness.
I have to be more careful and aware of my stuff from now on..
it's also sad because i was beginning to love that purse which i used to dislike which my sister had bought from Bali.

Now there's a lot of things i have to settle. So many places to go to settle everything and i just wish to get it over with fast. That also mean i'm gonna have to depend on my friends once again for the ride. *sigh*
I'm really a troublemaker..should stop being one.

note to self: BUY A HANDBAG/SLING BAG to keep your purse and other important stuff!! and stop being so carelesss!!

sorry mom and dad for being such a troublesome child..huhu.

ok, a bit tired now.


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